Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Today's Activities

The main theme today:


I have a pillow that says, "Gardeners know the best dirt."
We do.
I bought some today, and here's the proof! :-)

One primary focus this morning was creating a second (one layer) wall
in front of the one I built earlier.

People are replacing old sidewalks in town.
I've found these "chunks" work very well.
I am a bit discriminating as to the size and shape...

This is the last bit...

This little corner is going to be the home of the buddleia I ordered...
Adonis Blue.
This is a shorter variety. It will be perfect
for this little spot in the front yard. :-)
(I ordered from Great Garden Plants, as the plants in
my earlier order arrived in excellent shape!)

Nothing shady here, but now I'm headed
"out back!"

Yep! Definitely shadier back here!!!


Gail said...

Wonderful dirt! I can't wait to hear (see plantings) the rest of the story!

I love the chunks of sidewalk, very clever and very good looking.


Shady Gardener said...

Hi Gail,

Aren't we all so busy right now?? I spent all day outdoors today... and am not nearly finished! (But, that's okay!) ;-)

The sidewalk chunks have turned out surprisingly well. I'd previously been a "rock snob," except in the south walkway garden in the back.

I'll be posting more asap. I have a special "engagement" tomorrow. I'll be out of town for an overnight and home Thursday with my 3-year old "grand nephew." (I think that's the right term. His family will be here on Friday night, but he "gets" to spend Thursday night with us by himself! :-) He's as cute as can be.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Wow Shady, you've got some major work going on there! And I really like how you're doing some "recycling" with those chunks ... I didn't immediately think of concrete until you mentioned it. Just give them a year or two to accumulate some moss and no one will know the difference (unless you fess up!) ... This reminds me of when we built the front boulder bed in 2003 ... lots of (very) heavy lifting and seemingly endless loads of dirt. Keep us posted as to how this progresses!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

It's too bad they don't give LEEDs certification to gardens - that reuse of old concrete would give you major points. It looks great too.

troutbirder said...

You can beat enclosing beds and building walls ( a favorite hobby of Winston Churchill) with rock. I did mine somewhat easier gaining access to a pile of limestone rock which generation of farm boys had "picked" from surrounding fields each spring.

Weeping Sore said...

What fun to create! I can't wait to see "after" pictures when all your vision for this spot is realized

Anonymous said...

Shady - That looks great and so like a rock wall. The tiers definitely add interest. I'm anxious to see that little Buddleia. Oh, nice looking loam, by the way... Deb

Shady Gardener said...

IVG, I've read of a variety of ways to speed the creation of algae or moss!

MMD, I was surprised at how much nicer the concrete looked than I'd anticipated. :-)

Troutbirder, I really DO like limestone rock! And I've found quite a bit of it, but sometimes it's hard to locate. Sounds like there are a lot of us with "big ideas" and the willingness to work on them! :-)

Weeping Sore, I'll look forward to creating that post! ;-)

Deb, I actually wrote the nursery and showed them this post. They've mailed the buddleia and I hope to be planting it soon! :-) I also want to put rhubarb in that front bed as well as parsley & a few different herbs... Maybe even a tomato plant!! Call me crazy!