Monday, October 27, 2008

Summer 2008 Inspiration

**In any of these posts, you can be looking forward to next Spring and the things you might do due to inspiration in 2008! :-)

October - Have you a visited a gardening friend (blogger or otherwise) who inspired you this past season (2008)? Tell us all about it!

November - Have you planted anything during the 2008 growing season that you can credit to another gardener (blogger or otherwise)? Tell us all about it!

December - What about your hardscape? Did you do any landscaping that you might credit to a fellow gardener (blogger or otherwise)? Tell us all about it!

January - What does your "2009 Wish List" look like? Is there anything there you plan to purchase and/or grow because of your 2008 Summer Inspiration (or even last Winter)? Please tell us about it!

February - Did you add and/or create any decorative, whimsical items for your gardens in 2008? Please share! Can you give credit to anyone?

March - Will you be doing any early seeding? Will you be making any special landscaping plans for the upcoming season? Please share.

April - Thank you for participating. Anything else you'd like to share (like container planting) before we all get busy with our 2009 gardening??? :-)

You can even create more than one post per month, if you need to (I did in October!). You don't have to participate every month... just when it applies and/or you have the time!

Whenever you've posted YOUR Summer 2008 Inspiration posts, please leave a note here or at one of my current postings. :-)

Your gardening friend (always looking for inspiration!)
Shady Gardener


Pat said...

I'm posted !!
Had to jump a few months because November didn't apply to me.
I hope that's ok ? I'm sure I can pick more inspirations for January.
It's kinda late in the month for some to get a post ready but I'm sure everyone has the response right on the tip of their tongue as to what or whom inspired them durning the summer of 2008.

Shady Gardener said...

Thanks Patsi for your posting, your support and your thoughtfulness! (I'm already behind because I need to be working on a December posting myself!) ha.

Pat said...

Getting January's post ready !!

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

I hadn't seen this post earlier--I'm definitely trying to grow some plants I saw in the Lurie Garden in Chicago (including those two I left in another comment for you!). I will write my own post about it and steal your logo. :)

Jan said...

Hi ShadyG,
I would like to participate in your Summer 2008 Inspiration; Can I put the link on my sidebar? Then, each month I'll try to post something. Is there a certain day or just do it whenever and put a link to you on it???? Let me know! Have a great day...Jan

Jan said...

Just me, again:) I think it's probably about over now, right? We should do something for right now in 2009, leading up to summer. If you come up with a new one, I'll give it a try:)

Shady Gardener said...

Jan, I should have left a note here, too. As I hope others don't think this Meme is over... This is just Inspiration gleaned from 2008 that you're carrying into 2009. Use the logo. That's what it's for. :-)

Shady Gardener said...

Monica, I look forward to your post. And use the logo - it's not stealing! :-)

Pat said...

February is posted !
This one should be fun and easy for everyone !

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Patsi, Loved your post. I really like the new sculpture of the little fellow that looks like he's fully enjoying the garden! :-)

Pat said...

Will be posting late this month. We'll be starting seeds late due to April vacation.
Just a thought....would like to see other bloggers post in one place so I don't have to search for them. Maybe a link here?