Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Five "Ws" and the One "H"

What: A longtime interruption in blogging.  

When: It began when a certain allure took hold of this blogger.  

Who: Me.  

Why:  It was easy.  

Where: Social Media format.  

How: By the attraction of easy connections.

But, I have returned to the blog.  Gladly.  I probably won't post more than once-a-month, but it will offer me a more creative outlet.  If you are still visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy my return.

Winter gardening?  Well, not so much.  But I have always considered Birds to be the Winter Flowers!

Wait a Minute!
Where did these fellows come from?
(I ask myself that every day! ha!)

Not so shady here these days... but we have very cold and snowy weather this Winter!

Shady G

1 comment:

JustGail said...

I'm glad you'll be posting again. It seems most Iowa gardeners have stopped blogging. Even though not much can be done this time of year, besides prowling catalogs and garden centers, and maybe starting some seeds, it's still nice to see what people are plotting for their gardens this year.

I got my veggie seeds, a few flower seeds and am hoping the transplant selections will be better this year. If canning lids don't hit the stores soon, I may not plant so many tomatoes this year. Not that they've done enough to can the last few years though.