Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Story Behind the Name

and the story behind this Meme.  :-)

It seems I know a lot of gardeners.  

It also seems that many of them have lived in my neighborhoods, over the years.  

Somewhere along the way, it became apparent to me that like homes, while residing within (basically) four outer walls, they are completely different - one from another - on the inside.  And so it is the same situation with yards and garden spaces.  Basically located within a perimeter of four borders, the spaces therein vary as widely as the personalities of each of their owners! 

All that is to say, it's not fair to compare one against another.  However, the contrast is FUN to observe and somehow that relates to the name of my blog!

I truly do have some gardening neighbor/friends here.  And it's always inspirational to see what's happening in their yards!
Dixie's yard
(click to enlarge a bit)

Chris' yard
(click to enlarge a bit)

When we moved to this location, now 9 years ago, the greenest and most prolific thing on the ground was moss!  While that's all very well and good in certain locations and situations, I thought perhaps it might be fun to expand the repertoire!  Besides being a great learning experience!

There are wonderful sources of inspiration found in books, magazines, and on the internet for gardening in the shade.  All truly helpful and informative.

However, it has been FUN to visit my neighbors.  We may occasionally foray 'round the SE Iowa area in garden centers, and bring home a load of new plants.  And we can comment, communicate and commiserate about our gardening successes and woes.  

Early Forays

A little group of friends and I began a small, informal Garden Club several years ago.  It has grown some each year.  We all enjoy working outdoors.  We enjoy learning more about gardening, from experience and each other.  We enjoy creating whimsical projects from time-to-time, and we enjoy each others' company.  We comment, communicate, and commiserate about our gardening successes and woes.

      Plant Foray  July 2010                   A variety of iris to give away!       A Second Plant Foray - July 2010

I completed my Master Gardener course a year ago, the continuing education classes and the forty hours of community service this summer.  Yea!  I'm a Master Gardener! ;-)  There are quite a number of us that gather once-a-month, when we can.  We also comment, communicate and commiserate about our gardening successes and woes.  (I haven't visited most of their gardens, but it's something to which I look forward some day!!)

The local hospital garden completed in November, 2011.

It's like what we do on our garden blogs!!  :-)   And so it is that I consider YOU my "neighbor."  I can visit you and you can visit me . . . as we've done these past 4 1/2 years!!  And WE can comment, communicate and commiserate about our gardening successes and woes.  :-)

Something besides Green . . .

                 'Strawberry Candy' Daylily     Campanula 'Cherry Bells'    unnamed Hemerocallis - Daylily

                     Tricyrtis 'Tojen'         Anemone japonica 'September Charms'   Sedum 'Bertram Anderson'
           Ligularia 'The Rocket'          Pasque Flower  Anemone pulsatilla     Phlox 'Laura' from Aunt MEA

So... how goes it?   
DOES Everything Grow Better In My Neighbor's Yard?
And I'll still say ... "probably!"  At least it grows differently!! :-)

Nothing Shady here . . .
Just my location!  :-)


Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Sharing each others gardens is the fun part!
Thanks for sharing yours.

Shady Gardener said...

Thanks for visiting! Best wishes as we look forward to 2012. :-)

Green World said...

I had to chuckle over this post. I am constantly comparing our little garden and yard with others in the neighborhood. Some people compare houses and prices, I compare gardens:) Husband thinks I'm crazy, but we all have our little quirks:)

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Mary, I chuckled over your last statement! :-) How true! Thanks for leaving your comment.

joey said...

Thanks for sharing the story, dear Shady. Happy 'Gardening' New Year!

Julie Johnston said...

Do your hosta grow better than mine? Your shady spot is definintely shadier than mine.
Have you read the Ledger? Get that column ready for January!(I'm still working on getting more than promised.)JJ

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Joey, Aren't we soooo looking forward to 2012's gardening season??

Julie, I'm thinking it was just the lovely Spring we experienced - way before the hot summer!!! :-)
And I've been thinking about you a lot!!! Perhaps Tuesd

scottweberpdx said...

I like that last bit...not necessarily "better" , just "different" ;-)

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Scott, Thanks. Different creates diversity! :-)

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I have been so behind in my blog reading, and now that I've got bronchitis, I am doing some catching up.

I wish I hadn't missed this meme. I just may check out others and join in late. I sure enjoyed your post. Congratulations on becoming a Master Gardener!