Saturday, February 18, 2017

Frankly, Friends. It's Fine, Fair Weather for the Finite Future! ABC Wednesday

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Blue skies, warm temps and FUN!

However, I must admit... it is still Winter (season) in Iowa... and I have NOT, as yet, been able to create my annual snowman!!

Mr. Shady and I were both enjoying a Fantastic day (separately) working on outdoor projects!  He, with a group of affable, willing friends, enjoyed their prairie burn.  Me?  I scrubbed part of a wooden fence, preparing it for painting when it IS REALLY Spring and adding a few more flagstones to a backyard walkway.

Best wishes to you during these upcoming days,


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

ABC Wednesday - Y is for Yesterday

Y is for 




Yesterday was good  Let's make tomorrow better. Wishing you the very best during this upcoming year.


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Thursday, December 22, 2016

ABC Wednesday - X is for ...

I wish for you EXtra special events, EXtra special Christmas celebrations, EXtra special memory-makers with family and friends!

and a dose of EXtra anticipation for a Blessed 2017.

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Monday, November 28, 2016

ABC Wednesday - T is for Terrific!!

I am "in love" with this Terrifically Beautiful Oak Leafed Hydrangea!  
It is still a "baby," but
this is what it looks like today!

This is 'Munchkin'
He is deciduous, thrives in zones 5 - 9, grows from 3-4.5 feet tall and wide, blooms in June-July, the blossom is "aging white" to pink, the light requirements are full sun to part shade.  And check out the fall leaf color!!  

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Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!!

R - Rejuvenation!

Mrs. Nesbitt's post on Renovation spurred my post on Rejuvenation!

Our screened in porch had become a storage room... for bikes, flower pots, etc., etc.  But we have such a peaceful, wooded backyard, I wanted to be able to use it again (during the warmer months of the year)!

So, Rejuvenation looks like this:

First coat on the ceiling:

Beginning the first coat on the walls

Painting the walls continues

Finished!  Tah! Dah!  (yes, still working on organization)
Second coat on ceiling finished.  Second coat on walls will happen next spring.

Rejuvenation is good for adults, too!  :-)
Happy Day!

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S is for Sunlight! ABC Wednesday post!

I captured the Sunlight the other day!  Actually, the plants did it... I just took the photos!

The capital S above is purposeful...

A Sweet goodbye!  
Redbud trees have heart-shaped leaves!


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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

ABC Wednesday - H

Honestly!  This is one of my favorite shrubs.  There are many varieties of Hydrangeas. The following has been in my yard for a number of years.  I chose it for the very reason that it is somewhat unusual.  (Another is 'Pinky Winky' that does virtually the same thing, except the flowers have a completely different appearance - conical shaped!)

The following two shrubs are Hydrangea paniculata:

Here is a look at 'Quickfire.'  This photo was take in June 2016.

The following photo was taken August 25, 2016.

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Have a great day!!  Hug a Hydrangea!!