Friday, October 29, 2010

'Tis Been a Long Way to Tipperary

but despite modem glitches and with the help of many technical services, I've returned! You don't miss what you have until you don't have it! (And I've missed being on my computer!!)

Please visit Dave to see the wonderful posts for his 2010 Fall Color Project! Click the logo above.

Fall? It is Fall and it seems that everything (including myself) is showing signs of a "slow release." The color has seemed to come slowly this season. Could it be the fault of a long, wet summer?

Let me share a few photos taken during this past month's time.

Starting on September 29

SW corner of the town square - Sept. 29

Spotted on the way home October 6

October 9th saw these following scenes

SW corner of the town square on October 10th

October 10 - the opposite corner of the square
October 19th

The next photos were taken October 25th

This is always one of the first to turn to breathtaking colors... hmmm?

Looking out over our backyard this morning... Friday, October 29th
Isn't this a gorgeous sight?

You can tell that there are still a number of trees holding green leaves. This will probably change soon, as the temperatures were below freezing this morning. The birdbath was a block of ice!

Best wishes!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Green Thumb Sunday, October 17, 2010

What's blooming today, you ask? Okay! I'll give you a little glimpse. ;-)

This is 'Fanfare' Gaillardia.
I really like it. I recently learned, from a nurseryman, that gaillardia are such prolific bloomers that they tend to bloom themselves to death. Consequently, they're treated more like an annual than a perennial... unless you're diligent about deadheading all the spent flower heads (and perhaps removing a bud from time-to-time!
Last Fall, I harvested some of the seeds and in January, I placed them outdoors in the miniature milk jug greenhouses. Do a little search here. You'll find several posts on this seed-sowing method! At any rate... check out the next two photos. As I might have suspected, the offspring did not return true to the hybrid. But that's okay. They're still Very Attractive! :-)

Offspring #1

Offspring #2

You've seen a lot of posts this Summer on the nasturtiums.
Here's one more photo of each of my plants. They are "going crazy" in this cooler weather!

Had I not been involved in The Grow Project,
I may have gotten rid of these plants long ago!

Yes, this is a close-up of the nasturtium in the Sunny Corner Bed, but you might notice a new baby has come to live out there. Aster 'Woods Purple' is another low-growing aster (12-16") that will neighbor 'Alert!'

In the shady backyard beds, hosta 'Red October' began blooming during the last two weeks of September and continues. (Mr. Shady's birthday is in October.)

Cimifuga racemosa is a definite late-bloomer! It's just now getting ready.

Ah, those anemones. Anemone japonica 'September Charms' just go on and on.

Forgive this blurry photo - it's Tricyrtis formonosa 'Autumn Glow.'
These are definitely the last blossoms... notice the nice leaf edgings.
This was a June 2010 gift from Iowa Boy.

Back in front of the house, two miniature roses are outdoing themselves.

An errant snapdragon.

The "Best 'til last!"

I completely forgot to plant my gladiola bulbs this Spring!
Instead, when I discovered them, I planted them in mid/late July...
and look what happened this morning! (Oct. 14, 2010)

Made my day!

Best wishes to you this day!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Barbie's Tree

This 'Sargentii' flowering crabapple tree was planted in the Spring 2007.
(date of this photo)

taken June 6, 2008

taken Sept. 30, 2008

taken April 17, 2010 (pruned)

next three photos taken Sept. 13, 2010

With Love.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Central Gardens

You would find Central Gardens in Clear Lake, Iowa. This 1/2 block area used to be the site of an old brick schoolhouse. I remember its being at this site when I was young. Several years ago, they tore the school down, and the lot sat empty and dull.

Over the past few years, it's been under development as a beautiful garden site. Reiman Gardens of Ames, Iowa has been giving direction and recommendations and this garden is becoming absolutely wonderful! Want to take a tour?

Have you ever heard of RAGBRAI?
The Des Moines Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa began 39 years ago. Riders of bicycles ride from the west to the east side of Iowa - the routes vary each year.

This year it went through Clear Lake. The Art Guild of Clear Lake promoted a bicycle sculpture contest. The two photos below show the promotion.

Meet Wysteria Fairy. I'm wondering if she didn't win the contest?
Wouldn't you love this in YOUR garden? (I would!) :-)

Without further adieu, I'll walk you through the gardens.

I try to get here every time I visit my parents. There are always changes. :-)