Thursday, August 24, 2017

ABC Wednesday - G!

Gee Whiz!

That's a saying my Dad frequently used.  I was happy to use it myself today!  Miriam Webster describes the saying as an interjection of surprise.

Well, Gee Whiz!  The weather this past early Spring was Great, to say the least.  Plenty of warm weather and rain resulted in Gardens that looked like this!

These photos were taken in mid-June.  These are backyard photos.
"Big Shed Bed"

"Center Pond Bed"

"The Way Back" I
"The Way Back" II
"The Way Back" III

And this is the Front Yard!

This is "The Sunny Corner Bed!"

 "Mattie" Phlox (Nickname, not hybrid variety)


Campanula - Bellflower

And I DO love daylilies!!

'Strawberry Candy'


'Mildred Mitchell'

Thanks for Going along with my Garden Gazing!

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Happy "G" Week!