Wednesday, March 27, 2013

ABC Wednesday - K for Keen

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K is for Keen
I am Keen for Spring's arrival!

Flower Chorus
by Ralph Waldo Emerson

O such a commotion uner the ground,
When March called, "Ho, there! ho!"
Such spreading of rootlets far and wide,
Such whisperings to and fro!

"Are you ready?" the Snowdrop asked,
" 'Tis time to start, you know."
"Almost, my dear!" the Scilla replied,
"I'll follow as soon as you go."

Then "Ha! ha! ha!" a chorus came
Of laughter sweet and low,
From millions of flowers under the ground,
Yes, millions beginning to grow.

(photo taken 3/21/2011)
"I'll promise my blossoms," the Crocus said,
"When I hear the blackbird sing."
And straight thereafter Narcissus cried,
"My silver and gold I'll bring."

 "And ere they are dulled," another spoke,
"The Hyacinth bells shall ring."
But the Violet only murmured, "I'm here,"
And sweet grew the air of spring.
(Couldn't find photos of violets - these are Spring Beauties)

Then "Ha! ha! ha!" a chorus came
Of laughter weet and low,
From millions of flowers underthe  ground,
Yes, millions beginning to grow.

And well may they cheerily laugh "Ha! ha!"
In laughter sweet and low,
The millions of flowers under the ground,
Yes, millions beginning to grow.

We so look forward to their arrival!
Welcome, Spring!!  :-)
These photos were taken in 2011.
Fun going through the old files!

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Yes - Snow Saturday and Sunday

But it's melting already.  Just thought I'd show you how resilient those little lawn crocus are!  :-)

We probably received 5 inches of snow, but it's already melting quickly!!

Not to worry, those daffodils and hellebores, etc., etc. look JUST FINE!  :-)


Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's Spring! It's Spring!

Don't remember their names and I can't seem to locate the order sheet at this time.
Purchased from Old House Gardens,
along with a few other varieties!  :-)

Do you spot a least three little "clumps" below?

Very cute, aren't they???

On to some Hellebores that have begun to sprout!
Three different plants below - do you detect buds??  :-)

Happy Days!
Happy Spring!
Happy Shady Gardener!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

ABC Wednesday - J for Juxtiposition!

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Just for Fun!

February 26, 2013 (see the sweet bird in Barbie's tree?)

Same little tree (Barbie's) March 15, 2013  (Sorry I'm not showing the complete view)
What can happen in the matter of a couple of weeks!!

Sweet little Purple Finch in Barbie's tree.  
Spring is getting closer.  The birds know it!  
They're telling us all about it!
Better yet, we can FEEL it!   

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Have a Great Day!  
And Look Forward to Spring!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day


One thing blooming today.

But there' potential for a little more . . .

. . . before long.  


Begun by Carol of May Dreams Gardens,
this meme has been around for a long while
and is enjoyed by many!

Have a great day!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

ABC Wednesday - I is for Incredible

This week's word begins with

Incredible is a good word to describe the bird in my backyard.

It cannot fly.

It makes not a sound.

It has no thirst or desire to eat.

Incongruous is another word that might describe this fellow.

He's been standing outdoors in the same spot for the entire winter!

Perhaps Intrepid would describe him as well. 

He fears not the neighborhood cat.

He's as cute as can be!



At any rate, he deserves a good moniker.

Got one for him??


Thanks for your visit.  
Thanks for your suggestion! 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

ABC Wednesday - H is for Hooray!

It also stands for Huge!

By now you've guessed correctly.
This week's letter is 

(Credit for the free use of this letter is given above.)

Changes were discerned daily!
 Photo below taken: 2/23/2013

Photo below taken 2/24/2013

Photo below taken 2/25/2013

Photo below taken 2/28/2013

The next two photos below were taken 3/1/13

Not that my hand is huge, but they're bigger than my hand!

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Have a great rest-of-the-week!
Shady Gardener

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Garden Bloggers' Muse Day

I wonder if Carolyn will think it's a-Muse-ing if I create a "Muse Day" post?

After all, it was Carolyn that began Muse Day as a sweet meme commemorating the beginning of each month of the year.  Now that she's no longer author of Sweet Home and Garden Chicago, but
perhaps she'd like to know her Muse Day (sometimes) continues!

Wearing of the Green

It ought to come in April,
or, better yet, in May
when everything is green as green ---
I mean St. Patrick's Day.

With still a week of winter
this wearing of the green
seems rather out of season ---
it's rushing things, I mean.

But maybe March is better
when all is done and said:
St. Patrick brings a promise,
a four-leaf-clover promise,
a green-all-over promise
of springtime just ahead!

by Aileen Fisher

Looking forward to a little Green . . . 
but thankful for the precipitation we've received lately!