Friday, August 9, 2019

How Are We Nearing Mid-August, 2019?

I have taken many photos since the onset of Spring.  The ups- and downsides of the weather posed challenges.   The arrival of Spring weather brought lots of rain.  Days of it.  Not particularly stormy (although there were a few incidents), but plants responded beautifully!

Mid-June 2019

Mid-July 2019 

Mid-August 2019 

All things considered, since the onset of dry weather, the plants continue to look pretty healthy; especially in the shade.  Yes, it is now August.  I am happy that I have a couple of rain barrels of water as stand-by.  And yes, I have watered fairly deeply (most of the gardens) a couple of times.

I am so grateful for this peaceful, LOVELY gardening spot.  The sunniest part of our yard is the front yard.  The different flowering plants continue to change from one to the next and have been so bright and beautiful!  In a different way, the rest of the yard (mostly shady) has been beautiful with the softer, more subtle "greens" and blossoms as well.

I can only say this:

We Thank You, Lord!

We thank you for falling rains,
we thank you for the sunshine.
We thank you for constant change,
and for your Grace sublime.

We're thankful for the beauty through
the times we help you nurture.
We're grateful for the peace we find
that leads us towards the future.

It's gardening where we rest our souls
and seek your gentle guidance.
It's reflection towards your goodness
and where we find your sustenance.

May I never look askance
at times when you have guided.
And may I ever grateful be
for what you have provided.

Blessings to you and yours.
May we each be found helping someone in need.

Most Sincerely,

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Winter Snow (and ice and rain and lightning and thunder)!

It is looking much more like Winter than it has in the past couple of years or so!  I like that!!  I especially enjoy seeing the SNOW piles.  It reminds me of growing up in extreme northern Iowa.

Front - driveway

Backyard trees

Winter weather?  Feed the birds!  They will come!
Tufted Titmouse

Blue Jay and Red Bellied Woodpecker

Northern Flicker

These two photos show birds in my Dad's tree.  Finally getting big enough to support bigger birds!
Can you find 14 goldfinches, 2 blue jays and one house sparrow?

8 goldfinches

"Hey, You!" (Speaking to me? Maybe he doesn't want to be watched at the "waterhole!")

My sister Barb's tree.

Yes!  I am having fun!  (Don't like the ice, though!  It is full glare on our gravel roads!)  Be careful; be safe!