Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ABC Wednesday - I am Grateful

This week's letter is

which stands for "Grateful!" 


My parents and siblings vacationing long ago -  sorry I didn't have a better quality photo.

Mr. Shady and me with our own children and grandchildren, 2011.


The ability to care for and beautify "our space."

And God 

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Shady Gardener
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snowy Tuesday Surprises!

You might guess this will not be the normal gardening post... I should be out gathering lovely photos of snow mounds atop seed heads, etc.  But not today.

Today is a day of memories.  If you were visiting on Feb. 8, 2008, you'd have met "The Snow Man."  You can view his visit by clicking the date above. 

On February 19, 2008, you could have join a conversation between "Old Man Winter" and his young friend. Just click on the date above to see the post.

I met "Mr. Friendly" January 13, 2010.  You could click on the date to meet him yourself.  He approved, by the way, of my setting the Christmas tree in the front yard, complete with bird treats.

It turned out, on February 9, 2010, Mr. Friendly met "Mr. Helping Hand."  Please check out this touching story by clicking on the date above.

Then, on a Slightly Misty Morning, February 27, 2011, we met "Leaf Woman" and "Feeder-of-the-Birds."  You can see them for yourself, if you click on the date.

I'm beginning to think that there's no room for surprises out here in my yard!

However, today marks the return of "Feeder-of-the-Birds."  I can tell because he has that magnanimous smile!  And he's again feeding the birds.

Take a look!

Happy I am that he has returned.
He does seem quite proud of himself, though, does he not?

Have a great day!  :-)  Shady Gardener

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ABC Wednesday -F "Feathered Friends"

This week's
 ABC Wednesday Post deals with the letter:

 And a Fine, Fruitful, Fanciful, Feathery letter it is, too!

L to R: Female Cardinal, Female House Finch, Male House Finch
(photo taken January 22, 2013)


A Few of our Feathered Friends
Gathered 'round out here, as of late;
"We're aiming to discern," said they
"The Fare at our dear Shady's plate."

"We know she's Fairly Friendly,
On that we do agree.
But the Food we're finding lately
is not always of First Degree."

"In fact, it's not the quality
Of which we're Finding Fault . . .
It seems it's just the quantity -
More or Less; is what it's called."

(photo taken today)

"There seems always more on 'snow days'
And when she's "got it all right,"
The snow - then it goes, as does the food -
So Foraging again is our plight!"

"So "Pretty Please," Ms Shady dear,
Won't you please yet reconsider
Being a bit more generous;
By providing more from your larder?"

I listened then to their chattering;
Their chirping grew louder and louder.
It gave me pause and helped me to move
Dipping much more from the Larder.

Oh! Please don't call me stingy.
I meant not to earn such a 'brand,'
I do truly love my sweet bird Friends . . . 
They have ME "eating out of THEIR hand!"

(This time we add a goldfinch and a downy woodpecker to the "mix!")

We're hearing reports of snowstorms on the horizon.  I'd best refill all the feeders today!  :-)
Have a great day!

Monday, February 11, 2013

ABC Wednesday - E

Wishing Everyone
a Happy Valentine's Day!

This anomaly was found
in the Sunflower Foodplot 
last July.
(July 13, 2012)  

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Happy Valentine's Day!!

ABC Wednesday - D - "Do you want to Dance?"

"Do you want to Dance?" said he.

"Don't mind if I Do," said she.

So they Did,

enDearingly and unenDingly!

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C - ABC Wednesday - C

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This week we create a post on the letter:

Depending upon your outlook (possibly), when it comes to receiving mid-winter gardening Catalogs, you could feel (or be):




 (These are some I've received lately.**)

 Contrarily, you might approach the subject of Spring Planning (Planting), 
as you receive said Catalogs, with a different mind-set!


 (and Considerably Contagious!)

At this house, it's Currently a Captivating subject!

**Publication of catalog photos does not in any way mean I endorse or promote these particular vendors.  (I do, however, MUCH enjoy their perusal!!  :-)