Tuesday, February 19, 2008

There was No School yesterday...

Monday, February 18, 2007
No school.
Does that explain these photos? ;-)

I'm fairly certain that "Old Man Winter" was enjoying a little company out there.
I don't know who the little guy is spying on,
but he seems fairly absorbed in his activity.

And he's certainly not concerned about me!

I'm not sure I should remain out here.
This could be the spot for a "direct hit!"

And I'm not sure I like the look in his eye! ;-)

It does look as though they're having a pleasant conversation.

Wouldn't you like to eavesdrop?
What do you think?
Can you hear them
Garden Author Deb? ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Shady... 'gardenauthor-Deb,' (and thanks for the fancy-schmancy title - maybe I should embrace this, instead of plain, old 'Deb') here, weighing in with my calculated guess. So, here goes...

While, to the casual observer, these snow folks seem to be deep in discussion, sharing confidences and passing the time of day, I firmly believe they are in the vanguard of the SE Iowa Squirrel Wars.

You mentioned, previously, that your squirrel skirmishes were not of the magnitude of the battles being waged in New England by General S. P. Squirrel.

This is my 'logic chain.' We are under siege, with the entire backyard sanctuary held hostage by the General. I have no vanguard of snow folks, no snow fort, not even any snow. Ergo, we are besieged.

You do have a vanguard of snow folks - ergo, the gray-furred
forces of evil are kept in abeyance. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!

By the way, the snow sculptures, and photos thereof, were just delightful! ......... Deb

P.S. Glad you enjoyed 'Shutterbug's' Jefferd's Tavern in Old York Village. (If you like hot air ballooning, his photos of 8/6-8/11 may interest you.)

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

You know its been cold & snowy when you can add a second snowman. I think they are discussing how long they've got before they melt. (Although it would be nice to think they were plotting against the squirrels!)

cheryl said...

You and Keith have showed us up. No snow sculptures here at our house. Just a few snow blocks made from an empty yogurt container....

Shady Gardener said...

Deb, I embrace your theory! Especially as, you may have noticed, the bird feeder hanging from the tree behind O.M.Winter is squirrel-free! ;-) Somehow I felt the call to muster a brigade in the front yard, but I think that's the end of it... at least in MY yard. ha.

MMD, Poor O.M.Winter has already begun his decline. Probably due to the couple of hours' warmish weather we had last Sunday (when the other little fellow appeared). :-)

Cheryl, Well, it's called 'Make Hay While the Sun Shines.' Or in this case, when you have a couple of warmish hours and time to spend, "go for it!" Are you showing off your little snow blocks? ;-)-Mom

Wicked Gardener said...

Those sculptures are great. Remind me of snowball fights in New England when I was a kid.

Shady Gardener said...

You're right! Perhaps because there are no children in this home anymore, I just have to act like one! ;-)
Thanks for stopping!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I think they are planning an attack on the neighbor children or an unsuspecting adultthat might wander into range. I am sure they have a supply of snowballs behind the wall.

Shady Gardener said...

I think you're right! LOL