Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just a Little Valentine

It's not a very big one.
I hope you will be mine.
I'm going to wish it anyway...
Will you be my valentine?

by S.G.

Happy Valentine's Day! :-)


Anonymous said...

Shady - Happy Valentine's Day... cute little poem, as was the verse you dropped off, this morning (made me chuckle).

Des Moines, Iowa? It was in the early 80's and I went with the owner of the garden center (where I worked for about 17 years) to inspect and invest in a system of hydroponics for homeowners. Long story short - hydroponics never gained popularity, at that time, in this area, and we eventually shut down that division.

Impressions of Des Moines? It was cold, bleak winter. I stayed in an old brick hotel (view from the window was sooty and dreary) in the city, traveling to some center for the demonstration (fuzzy memory).

During the connector flight back to O'Hare, in a tiny plane, we hit a thunderstorm and high winds - quite an adventure. I'm sure the city looks better now, than in the 80's and I'm also sure that was my last flight! [Well, except when I move to Scotland (just a 'pipe dream'), since there are no trains!] ... Deb

Dellits said...


Shady Gardener said...

And my ambition is to make it to New England someday! :-) Everyone is trying to make their cities more attractive. Yes, Des Moines is doing a lot to make things more interesting and attractive.

My husband and I visited Scotland (a tour) about 5 years ago with my parents. It was a wonderful trip. Wish I could return.

Dellits: You have made my day! :-)