Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Snow Man Cometh!

This morning around 8:00 a.m., I mixed my remaining seed and placed it in one of the feeders. Wow, it was so cold outdoors!

But, this afternoon, for about 3 hours, it was pretty balmy. I headed downtown to the feed store to purchase a supply of sunflower and safflower seed. I soon headed home. As I drove towards the garage, I happened to notice someone... a weary traveler perhaps, sitting in my front yard. He didn't even acknowledge me, or turn his head, as I drove by.

Hmmm, I thought. Perhaps he just needed a rest.
I wondered if he'd brought his own "tuffet."

I took some of the items I'd purchased indoors and headed for the living room, where I could better spy on this fellow. Here's a picture of him from the house. I noticed a bit of movement around his head and zoomed in to tell what was happening.

Ha! You might want to click on the photo to see what the movement was.
You might say my curiosity had been aroused. I was not feeling at all intimidated by his presence, so I headed outdoors to the front yard. As I approached, I noticed that he seemed to be gazing out across the way, still oblivious to my presence. Quite odd, though, as I'd not even tried to walk quietly (doubtful as it is that one could walk quietly while breaking through the encrusted top layer of snow).
As I walked around to face him, I believe I noticed a twinkle in his eye. He certainly seemed a friendly sort, what with his wide smile and agreeable expression.

I'd guessed correctly. He was just traveling through and needed a spot in which to rest. We spent a bit of time together. He declined the invitation to come indoors. He was, after all, "quite warm and satisfied to remain outdoors, enjoy the scenery and wildlife."
I don't know how long he'll stay. And if he leaves, perhaps he'll not return.

Never did get his name.
He didn't leave a silver bullet.
He wasn't riding a white horse.

But, I heard a low sound as I returned to the house.
It sounded like mournful tune, and
these are the only words I caught:
"Old Man Winter, I'm Old Man Winter,
I just keep rollin'
I just keep strollin'
I just keep movin'


Christine said...

That is one amazing snowman!!! I made all the kids come over to see, they couldn't believe how detailed he was.

Anonymous said...

Shady - What a fabulous snowman! Who's the sculptor? I especially liked his generosity is providing the birds a little sustenance, within the folds of his hat.

Congrats on finding a bit of spring, as you shopped for the birds... that fruit holder for the orioles makes my mind wander in a spring-ward direction.

Let me know how you keep hornets, flies and ants form sharing those oranges... years ago, when I tried offering oranges, I attracted everything except orioles (we always have 1 or 2 nesting pairs) - not to be overly pessimistic or a wet-blanket, but it's one bird feeding problem I never solved.

Great photos, as always... Deb

Nan Ondra said...

Oh, wow--that *is* one amazing snow sculpture! And what a fun read as well. Great post, Shady!

Dellits said...

oh my gosh -- who was the artist who brought him to life?

Shady Gardener said...

Hello everyone! :-) Oh, the creator of the snowman? Well... that would be me. And, it's only fitting that since he's taking space in my front yard, he must provide a service. ha.

Christine, I'm thinking that if the weather is just right, you'll be having a group of snowmen in your yard soon! :-)

Deb, the fruit holder was a weak moment. My friend said hers worked well - so, there you go. I'll keep you posted! (I do have one of those little glass wasp catchers hanging nearby in the summer - it looks like a vase with an inverted rim in the center of the bottom that holds sweet liquid.)

Nan O, thanks for stopping by.

Dellits, Well... he hasn't stood up, yet. ;-)

Kylee said...

Someone is very talented there! That's so cool!!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Okay, now that I've seen your snowman, I can definitely say that you have no reason to feel at all ashamed of him. He is more like a snow sculpture than a snowman. (Far superior to any of my efforts.) I would never have thought of turning a snowman into a bird feeder - you are so creative! Sorry I haven't gotten over here sooner, but I've been busy packing. Tee hee.

Shady Gardener said...

Oh, I know! I'd be "giddy," too! You will enjoy your trip! Have a wonderful time. (Don't worry about us back here getting more snow this weekend!) ;-)

bobbie said...

What a great snowman!
A couple of years ago I made one on my back deck, who stood, looking into my back door. And waaay back when, my kids made a huge Easter bunny when it snowed for Easter in NY. He was complete with a pink nose. But i think yours tops them all.

Shady Gardener said...


I'm not sure about that, but thank you. Did you see the snow dinosaur my son created in Michigan (at the top of the right sidebar)? :-)

Great memories, nonetheless!

Shady Gardener said...

I missed your comment! Thanks! :-)