Sunday, February 10, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

I absolutely, positively was going to have something blooming today! So. Is it cheating to purchase a plant on a "balmy" Winter's Saturday afternoon and suddenly notice, not until I'd brought it home of course, that it was blooming? ha.

My new African Violet.
My mother is very good at raising these (and propagating them).
I could have waited to get one of hers. But
if I give her a leaf from my plant,
perhaps she'll start a new plant for me
from one of hers.
Maybe I'd better wait to see how my violet fares
in its new location. :-)

Now, you've seen my hibiscus before...
but just look at the number of buds it has.
I'll be enjoying its blossoms for awhile, yet.

It was several degrees below zero F. this morning. And it's breezy outdoors. So, even though it's sunny, it's bitterly cold! Brrrr. Think I'll go water my plants.

No shade today.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful African violet! And it's not cheating to indulge one's appreciation for nature's glory, which theory I shall continue to espouse, the next time I "impulse buy" a $20.00, silvery-pink Mandevilla in full bloom... maybe this spring I'll be strong.

And sadly, no - "Brussels" and the rest of the European photos I'll be posting are the result of a photographer friend's cruise, last fall. I guess I was inadvertently vague.

Enjoy those hibiscus blooms...Deb

Dirty Fingernails said...

I just love violets.. Something so innocent about them.

Weeping Sore said...

Your pink African violet reminds me of the ones my Grandma used to grow on her windowsill. At the time, I thought they were only for old ladies. Now that I'm an old lady, I find I enjoy them.
Thanks Grandma

Lisa said...

Nope, it's not cheating at all! I bought crocus the other day and they're happily sitting on the windowsill in my office.
Enjoy them, they're beautiful!

Shady Gardener said...

Hello everyone! I went to the local "bargain box" (the store that benefits our hospital) to purchase some mugs and teacups. Think I'll do some potting (and re-potting). ;-)

GA, how can you be strong when you're looking at a Mandevilla? ha.

DF, I agree.

WS, Yea Grandma! (I'm a grandma, now, too!)

L, Enjoy your crocus! Perhaps they'll find their way outdoors later.

jodi said...

I think that yours is one of the best blog titles I have read! Glad you stopped in and visited, and I hope you'll take part in our Garden Bloggers Geography Project, too!

Shady Gardener said...

Thanks Jodi! As for my title; sometimes, when I look at all the beautiful gardens on the blogs, I wonder... ha. But, I'm gaining on mine! ;-)

I just might think about the Geography Project.

deb said...

It's not cheating. I love African violets too, but my boys overwater them when I'm not looking

Shady Gardener said...

Isn't it great to have helpers? :-)
Thanks for visiting!