Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nearly Wordless for Wordless Wednesday!

Taking photos of hosta blossoms is rather intriguing. You don't realize the difference in the blossoms until you compare their photographs!

You might enjoy this post from last February.

And these are the hosta that are blooming today.



'Diana Remembered'

'Sum and Substance'


unknown miniature hosta

View of the unknown miniature
'Gold Standard' getting ready to bloom

'Gold Standard' open

'Alligator Shoes'

unknown hosta

I have a folder into which I'm tucking all my hosta photos.

This is a rather Shady Subject! ;-)
So, find a little shady spot of your own to enjoy today.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ed Brown and "company" Green Thumb Sunday

I know this is Sunday, July 26.
And this is a Green Thumb Sunday post.
Feel free to click on the photos - most of them enlarge nicely.

However, I'm going to begin with a photo of 'Ed Brown.' He was the new daylily about to bloom in my last post, and he was opening as I left the driveway early Saturday, July 18.

Meet Ed.
(Doesn't he look as though his name should be Edwina?)
I let him bloom once. Now we'll wait until next year.
(Isn't he GREAT?)

The following photos show of some of what's blooming around here today. I have to admit that my Shady Yard has a lot of sun these days. At least in the front yard. I'm enjoying it, but at least you'll still see plenty of shade everywhere else!

This is 'Spiritual Corridor'

When I drove in the driveway after Church today, I had to grab my camera
and head back down the driveway.

Our trip to Atlanta was absolutely wonderful. I'll be posting on "Making Memories" soon. But I must admit that it's always great to return home. :-)

I have this tiny patch of Japanese Blood Root.
This is usually an aggressive grass, but it doesn't have room to spread.
Just Perfect! :-)

Out in the raised bed gardens, the phlox are going crazy!

However, if you look very closely - directly in the center, just over the top of the phlox -
you'll spot Joe Pye Weed. This is the first time he's threatened to bloom in the 6 years since he was planted.
It's just Way Too Shady for him here!
I planted 'Little Joe' in the Sunny Corner Bed last year. He's really growing! But this Joe is the same height as 'Little Joe.' If this Joe were in the sunlight, I wonder how tall he'd Really Be?

'Sum and Substance' has outdone itself this year!

'Starfighter' Oriental Lily

'Palace Purple' Heuchera

Blue Mouse Ears is diminutive. The impatien is a small seedling.

'Pamela' is a dwarf astilbe.

This is a close-up of her distinctive flowers.

This is an unnamed hosta with a guest.

Blackberry Lily - note how the petals curl when the flower is finished blooming.

You might want to watch for Green Thumb Sunday posts. Visit As the Garden Grows to join this meme. In the meantime, head outdoors and look around. You'll probably find something out there that you hadn't noticed blooming lately! Happy Sunday! :-)

Friday, July 17, 2009

GBBD - Quite Late

I really don't have time to make a post today. But here I am, anyway. I hated missing Bloom Day (which was the 15th), but Guess What? My Dad's Birthday was the 15th, also. And I missed recognizing That, Too!

So, in honor of my Dad and his Green Thumb, here's my post. Click on a photo to enlarge.

Out in the Sunny Corner bed, looking south-ish.
Do you see a tiny pink spot in the middle on the extreme right?

Sunny Corner Bed, looking easterly.
That little pink spot is now on the lower left, behind 'Autumn Joy' sedum.
This is a Stargazer Lily that didn't grow very tall. Perhaps I'd better move him?

'Pardon Me' Hemerocallis - Always loaded with blossoms!

This 'Stargazer' lily is in the Raised Bed Garden.
Actually, this was taken last night while two little neighbor helpers helped me garden.
All these lilies belong to a friend. She asked me to put them in a "nursery" last Fall, as they're in the midst of selling their home. I said, "I'm sure I could find a place for them!" ;-)

This flower is my relocated Platycondon 'Double White'
out in the Raised Bed Gardens.
Ta-dah! One of my new daylilies was blooming last night.
I apologize for the lack of photo quality, but here is Hemerocallis 'Spiritual Corridor'

and this morning I found that Hemerocallis 'Startle' was blooming!

Hemerocallis 'Ed Brown' will probably be blooming tomorrow.
Hope I catch him before I leave!

This is an attempt to hide the electric meter works.

And this is Not the Canna 'Tropical Rose' that I ordered,
but it's very pretty just the same.
I'll probably request 'TR' next Spring, as I only wanted a 2 1/2' tall plant.
This actually looks like 'Pretoria' which gets 6 - 8' tall.
(Maybe not the first year nor in a pot?)
What else is blooming? Rudbeckia hirta, Echinacea Purple Coneflower, a variety of phlox, many hosta, sweet woodruff, "creeping" sedum, astilbe, Pinellia tripartita 'Atropurpurea' (for the second time) ... and that's all I can think of.

I've been visiting some wonderful GBBD posts. You should check them out as well. Visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens to find them. :-)

Meanwhile, I'm supposed to be tying loose ends and packing for a trip with 10 high schoolers and 3 other adults who will participate withinin a variety of ministries in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. I'm very excited! If you are so inclined, you could pray for not only our team (that we'll be a huge help and blessing) but for all the wonderful people we'll be meeting.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gladys was Positively Giddy!

A Garden Party?

With ladies that Garden??

My friend Gladys could hardly contain her excitement!

Gladys and I have been fellow gardeners since Mr. Shady and I moved into this home nearly 7 years ago. She is one with whom you can share anything that smacks of gardening... from the price you paid for the plant you could hardly get out of your mind (and you probably couldn't really afford) to landscaping ideas that might be good to either review and/or put in place.

Gladys is a perfect gardening friend. But the prospect of having a Gardening Tour/Party here had her positively undone!

"Don't forget," I told her, "these are my gardening buddies that we visit every summer. These are the great gardeners that cooperate with all my gardening projects. You remember the concrete birdbaths we made last year, don't you?"

Gladys nodded. Yes, she remembered.

"These are also my gardening cohorts who worked with me on our special garden projects this past Winter."

Gladys again nodded. Yes, she did remember. But today was special because She was going to help guide these fellow gardeners through our yard.

"Okay," I acquiesced. "You get to direct us through the Woodland Walk and the Center Back Gardens." After all, we do share a little "history!" ;-)

In fact, if you haven't yet met my friend Gladys, you can catch a glimpse of her below. She had decided to sit on the bench while waiting for people to arrive.

Gladys - our consummate hostess!

"Yes, Gladys," I responded. "The table is ready. I'll just quickly go indoors for the plates, napkins, cups and silverware. Please keep watch in case they come while I'm inside the house."

Gladys kept watch, but was relieved when I'd joined her again.

"Do you remember the projects, Gladys? The large food cans from the cafeteria that we flattened, pounded nail holes in, threaded wire through, and spray painted?"

"The gourd birdhouses?"

"And the hanging birdbaths?"
(This great idea was brought by Eileen!)

Yes. She remembered. She also very much enjoyed the company, the conversation, and the comradery. She did scold me a bit for being a bit of a chatterbox. I guess I must admit. I was excited, too. :-)

Bidding adieu.

Thank you, Gladys. You were right. I was a chatterbox. You indeed are a good friend.

We did have a great time.
The only thing "shady" here is the shade. :-)
Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009