Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lest You Think It's Perfect at Shady's...

It's not.
But we have Perfectly Great Shade!

Here are a few candid photos of backyard gardens.
You can enlarge these photos somewhat by clicking on them,

you're going to have to overlook the weeds.
I'm working on them, but it's a Very Slow Process this Summer!

This is a view of part of the Woodland Walk, looking towards the Raised Beds.
(my lovely compost pile is center stage)

This is a small view of the backyard.
I'm standing on the East side of the house, looking east
through the Backyard-Center beds.
(See all those previously uncooperative Amaryllis by the trees?)

I'm now standing on the North-east corner of the house,
looking east and slightly southerly.
(This is, so far, the most neglected bed.
Hold your breath if you try to enlarge this and try not to faint
at the number of weeds!)

There is a LOT of ajuga, also. Perhaps you'd mistake that for a weed??? ;-)

Now I'm standing North of the house and a little Easterly.
This bed is on the North East corner of the part of the yard we use.

We're looking into the "Way Back," back there.
Photo One shows a look towards the length of the bed.

Photo two has us moving Easterly.
Do you see anything you recognize?

Photo three - creeping Easterly a bit more.
Photo Four - Close enough to the end.
These photos were taken at 1:15 P.M. on July 4, 2009.
It was an overcast day, so it seems Very Shady everywhere!

For instance, there would have been sunshine on the bed in the third photo, had the sun been Under the Clouds instead of Over them! :-)


joey said...

Your garden looks like 'Paradise' to me! Just returned after 10 days away ... from a distance, my July garden looked glorious until I walked around and saw healthy weeds as tall as glowing beauties and thirsting perennials, tongues craving a drink that sprinklers neglected. Tomorrow will be a huge work day, tweaking, so I can again return to the cottage on Thurs ... to tweak again there :) Happy Summer!

Anonymous said...

Shady~~ You know, the common moniker for Ajuga is Bugle WEED. LOL. When my patch grows out of bounds--fairly regularly--I quell my first impulse which is to grab the Round-Up. I'll pull the tenacious stuff all the while calling it "Bungle" weed. What possessed me to plant this? But it has its good qualities too...

Your gardens look beautiful and peaceful. I'd like to take a leisurely stroll along your paths and admire all your plantings. Weeds? We all got 'em!

Frances said...

Hi Shady, I love all that shade, something that is scarce here. Your hostas look so happy. Pardon Me is one of our favorite daylilies too. The one we insist on pushing off to visitors for its long bloom period and vigor, even though it is a small fellow. As for the weeds, one persons weed is anothers wildflower. :-)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This all looks lovely to me, weeds and all.

Rosey Pollen said...

I agree with Frances, that comment about weeds. Weeds are in the eye of the beholder.
The Hostas look so robust! I am always eyeballing those at the garden center, knowing the hail in my state will clobber them.
Nice garden layout.

Gail said...

Shady, Your shade garden is beautiful, I've especially loved the plantings around the bench and the garden area with the view into your wayback. I can see why spring ephemerals, heuchera and hosta are so happy! Have a good week. gail

Rosemary said...

Shady your garden looks so cool and peaceful,fantastic hostas love the blue hosta , lovely spot to sit and enjoy your labours.

Northern Shade said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the tour around your lovely property. You have a great setting for your garden, with all of the trees around, and woodsy background.

Love the first picture with the bench set in the little grove, how serene it looks.

In the second photo you have such a nice variety of Hostas, and they look great with the ferns, and the fluffy astilbe plumes. As I looked at it, I thought, I need more stepping stone rocks in my beds.

The last bed you showed has such a great background, with the forest behind, to show off those giant leaves.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Looks good to me. I like all your stepping stones and rocks, they provide just the right touch. Your Lilies stand out so well against the background of the woodsl You've created a beautiful retreat under the trees, and it looks wonderfully cool and restful.

Nutty Gnome said...

Hi Shady - I love your garden, it looks fantastic! I've been wonderfing what to do with a shady section of my garden ...and feel quite inspired by what you've created here! Thanks for that :)

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I love your shade gardens, it gives me inspiration for mine. I love those big hostas, and I love the stone edging around the beds. We have lots of shade today too because the sky is totally gray with clouds.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Joey, I'm so glad you took a moment to stop here! Keep tweeking. I look forward to doing some tonight. ;-)

Grace, Can you believe I offered Bugle Weed to someone today? It really is a great ground cover, if you can keep it within bounds.
Come on over!! :-)

Frances, You're right. I stand somewhat corrected... ;-) Dandelions, especially to a child, are wonderful flowers! ;-)

Thanks, Lisa!

Rosey, We get hail sometimes. We also get a lot of falling twigs and branches (which were especially prevalent during storms last year, and made Lots of holes in hosta leaves). There's always something to battle. Some people have a terrible problem with slugs. I'd say you should get a couple of hosta if you have a place for them. (There are some that like sunshine more than others.) :-)

Hi Gail, We have some similarity in our growing situations... you have your Way Back. ;-)

Rosemary, Come on over. We'll pull up the bench! :-)

Hi Northern Shade! Getting rocks here is a bit of a challenge. I have friends who allowed me to gather some from their field. The beds are large and everything is on a "good" slope. For both reasons, the stepping stones are a great help. Had I taken one more photo, you'd have enjoyed seeing the size of the 'Sum and Substance' leaves. They're as large or larger than those big blue leaves you see at first!
Thanks for your visit! :-)

Hi MMD. I'm thinking I need to add another seat or two. Is it my age or is it that I'd love to have more company?? ;-)

Nutty Gnome, I'm thrilled I've offered a little inspiration. I receive it from you and many others... (!)

Hi Catherine, Someone once told me "The sun is always shining... sometimes it's above the clouds." It reminds me that I'm so blessed and cared for all the time. I need to remember not to take things, people and situations for granted! Have a great day!

~~Rhonda said...

Your hostas look very happy, so things must be good in your garden. :) The weeds are getting huge here. We've had so much rain, lots of hot days, and things are growing like crazy. At least the weeds pull out easily from the wet ground! :) ~~Rhonda

Shady Gardener said...

Rhonda, That's the way to look at it! I'm loving the ease with which nearly every weed leaves the ground! :-) Thanks for your visit - have a great day!

Karen - An Artists Garden said...

Your Shade garden looks lovely, very tranquil and serene.
The hostas are looking good as well.
PS I didn't notice any weeds ;)

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Karen,
I have some local gardening friends visiting me today. They will need to overlook the weeds as well. ;-)
Have a great day!

Linda said...

Every time I come to your blog I'm envious of your hostas!

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Linda, Oh. Please don't be envious... just keep visiting. :-)
(I do take that as a great compliment, however!)