Sunday, July 5, 2009

Generous Friends and Fabulous Family

Mr. Shady and I spent Friday June 26 and Saturday June 27 with my Aunt MEA in northern Iowa. There were so many great events happening that weekend and the "inn was full" at my parents' home. This was a great excuse to be able to spend time with my Gardening heroine!
She sent me home with "Mattie."

I'd like you to meet "Mattie."She's part of a parent plant that has been around for many years.
I believe my Aunt was a young wife when a lady in town, named Mattie, shared a piece of her phlox. Mattie (the lady who shared) is long gone, the plant has been named after her, and my Aunt MEA is 92 years young.

Here's Mattie!
Haven't I inherited a treasure? :-)

Aunt MEA's husband, Uncle Bill, died a few short years ago. As I was growing up, he owned and operated three (I think) Champlain gas stations. There was a tv commercial that sang, "Cham-plain! The Great name in the Great Plain!" ;-)

Anyway, one of the business men that visited my uncle knew of my aunt's fondness for gardening. At one time, long ago, this fellow brought my aunt a piece of a prairie wildflower named Geum triflorum Pursh or 'Long-plumed Avens', also known as prairie smoke and old-man's whiskers, among other names. My Aunt MEA (!) asked me earlier if I'd like a piece of her plant... ever slow to react, I immediately e-mailed her with a resounding (can you resound in an e-mail??) "YES!"
Meet Geum triflorum Pursh
(click on the photo for a little information from the USDA)

Now this is another interesting story! Last year I'd spotted some Filipendula rubra, 'Queen of the Prairie,' in the flower bed of one of my husband's friends. I'm not sure that it's still there. It's a great plant with a beautiful flower.

This is also a native prairie wildflower. Meet Filipendula rubra, 'Queen of the Prairie.' Click on the photo to link to more information.

Kasey, of Kasey's Korner, actually sent me this plant early this Spring.
It had to sit awhile before I was able to plant it, but it's beginning to catch up.
As you can see, it's in the back of a bed, but it's catching the East sun first.

Click on the photo to see a very recent post by Kasey on her plant.

Getting by with a little help from my friends (which includes my family!). :-)


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Isn't it wonderful to have such "friend"ly plants.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Lisa, Yes it is. I'm sure your plants have memory-roots as well. :-)

Kathleen said...

It looks fantastic in your garden Shady!! I'm so glad it's doing well for you. Your other new plants look great too. Thank you for the link and I'm glad you're home again (and back to blogging!)

joey said...

I will never worry about you, Shady. You are indeed a rich woman :) Welcome home where treasures surround you!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

You have a lot of friends in you garden! The geum looks like it's going to be really pretty. Your aunt sounds like one special lady. I love the Queen of the Prairie! How nice to get it from a blogging friend.

Commonweeder said...

It is wonderful to have plants in the garden that some with such a rich history of family and friends. I have a friend who has been recommending Queen of the Prairie to me - not native to our area, but a great plant. It is on my list.

Anonymous said...

dear Shady...your Aunt Mea is a
very special lady. as she is a
a very special friend of mine.
And a great gardener and grows
wonderful flowers of every kind.
It is good to have you back online.

Nutty Gnome said...

A veritable cornucopia of treasures both old and new today Shady - a delightful post! (oh my gosh - I've just realised how 'terribly English' I sounded - ah well ....must be because I am!!)

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

What great friends! You'll love the geum. I have 4 of them in my garden and they are wonderful. -Jackie

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Kathleen, Yes. It's nice to be home again. I'm taking time tonight to post again (!) ;-) I'll keep YOU abreast of the QoP progress out there! (I'm indebted.)

Hi Joey! And for the same reason, I will not worry about you! Richness is also found in being content. :-)

Catherine, I'm positive you have friends in your garden, too! And yes, my Aunt is very special (and she's my Mom's sister, so how could she NOT be special??) ;-)

Commonweeder, I hope you can locate this plant. I've even seen it listed in catalogs lately! You will love it. :-)

Dear Anonymous, Thank you for leaving your comment. I'm wondering if I haven't heard about you!! :-) Perhaps the next time I'm "up north" we might meet?

Nutty Gnome, You are delightful and I'm so glad you're visiting me. I love that you sound "English" and you need to know that my Mom and Aunt's father's family came to the US from England. :-)

Ellie Mae, Do you have any helpful hints as to the care of this plant? I'm assuming it's pretty hardy. Have you posted about it?
Thanks for the visit. :-)

Sue said...

I love my 2 prairie smoke geums. I may have to move them, as they are near where they are going to repair our curb. I don't know if they will mind being moved in the summer.

I am not familiar with the other plant.

Have fun with your grandson!

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Sue, You can tell me how the move goes. You should look up Filipendula rubra on-line. You'll find great information (and you'll want one!) ;-)

Aerie-el said...

I love being friends with, and related to people who are, gardeners - they are so generous with their knowledge and their plants. Thank you for sharing the story of some of yours!

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Aerie-el! Me, too. Once a garden is somewhat established, it's such a privilege to help others! Thanks for your visit. :-)