Tuesday, April 7, 2015

ABC Wednesday - M is for my Aunt MEA


My Aunt MEA is a wonderful lady.

My dad used to tell us, when we were growing up, "Every little girl grows up to be a woman, but not every one grows up to be a Lady.  And every little boy grows up to be a man, but not every one grows up to be a gentleman."  There's a distinction.

Aunt MEA is a lady.  
The fact that she's way into her 90's,
and has gardened ever since I have known her...
which is my entire life...

You must understand that her gardening accomplishments have been my inspiration 
since I was very young.

The following photos were taken in August of 2013.
I know I took photos last summer, but I couldn't find them tonight!

 Tomatoes, potatos, peppers, beans, peas, etc., etc., etc.

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Happy Spring!!  SG