Friday, October 7, 2011

The Fall Color Project 2011

Dave has been so good to promote The Fall Color Project, and this is Year Four!  Please click on these words to visit his site.  He'll be highlighting the Fall Color posts as he received word of them!

 Peek-a-boo!  Here I am!

I took a drive downtown yesterday, to see what's happening there.  This is what I've found:  Artistry-in-the-Making!
Trees in transition . . .

And some in Full Glory, as witnessed below!
(Drive a little further...)

 And you'll see the shockingly bright orange . . .

Welcome to town!

It is truly wonderful to see the Fall colors this year.  I wonder if the severe drought and high temperatures most of the summer has had anything to do with it?

Now, to see My "Neck of the Woods!"
Driving off the "highway . . ."
Leaves are already falling... (neighbor's trees)

Another neighbor - this time, across from my yard.
Check out their Blackberry Lily!

Faithful Gaillardia Daisy!!
With "Worm Grass" sedum in the lower left.

Shady?   Shady?  
Oh, yeah... that's me.