Tuesday, January 22, 2013

B - ABC Wednesday -B - I WON!

ABC Wednesday is now in its 12th round.  Click on the logo to view posts by many other bloggers!

This week, we celebrate the letter:

Some time Before Christmas,
after a run through the house,
I sprang to my computer
just as quiet as a mouse ...

When what to my wondering eye
should appear
But a post by C (Carolyn) Binder -
told of Give-way Cheer!

(SG note: To view Carolyn Binder's post ("Ten Days of Holiday Giveaways for Gardeners") of  December 9, 2012  --- click the date). 

 The temptation to enter?   
Too great to resist.
I typed a short comment, 
crossed my fingers, and then . . . 

. . . performed "Christmas Business,"
Giving nary a thought to the contest 
I'd entered --- and yet,
Bless My Soul, an e-mail.

'Twas an e-mail from Carolyn.
The great contest spinner ... 
an e-mail that stated, get this!
I was a WINNER!

By Gosh and By Golly,
I was truly Jolly!
But the nicest of all ---
a Beautiful prize by Steve Asbell  

(click his name to link to his blog and relevant post).

I received his Epiphyllum Burst last week.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A - ABC Wednesday - A


I recently created several milk jug greenhouses, see photo below.

Each jug houses approximately 2" of potting soil and several seeds that need stratification prior to germinating next Spring.

These greenhouse are each cradling 10 -14 Jack-in-the-Pulpit seeds.

(Arisaema triphyllum)

Two greenhouses have been planted with seeds we found on our land.
The other seeds were a Christmas present from Mr. Shady.  
He purchased them.
We'll see which seeds have a better germination rate.  

Don't know how to do this?

1.  Rinse an empty milk jug and create several drainage holes in the bottom.

2.  With a sharp knife or scissors, cut a line from one side of the bottom of the handle, clear around to the other side of the bottom of the handle.  The point at which the jug halves are connected becomes your "hinge."

3.  Put approximately two inches or so of potting soil in the bottom of each jug.

4.  Plant your seeds.  At this point, you can make a plant marker indicating the type of seeds planted.

5.  Close the greenhouse with duct tape.

6.  You can also mark the outside of the greenhouse with permanent marker.  Oftentimes, however, the marker will fade by Spring.  Not always.  However, having label inside AND outside is a great idea!

7.  Throw away the milk jug lid.   Precipitation (winter snow) will enter through the opening.

8.  Place outdoors in a sheltered spot, such as near a raised bed, near the house foundation (as long as the jugs receive precipitation!), where they cannot be blown away by the wind!
 (These are from two years ago)

Of course, we're creating 


This coming spring, you should see something like this!


All photos shown (except for the first one) were taken in previous years ... some during a session I led in a fourth grade classroom January 20, 2011. 

This is Definitely NOT a shady subject!  
 Just presented by Shady Gardener (yours truly). 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Do I want to begin 2013 still receiving HUGE numbers of Spam Comments??

Are you receiving large amounts of spam comments?  I'm using Comment Moderation, meaning all the comments are placed "in limbo" until I either delete or allow them to be posted.

Are you experiencing this same problem?  I wonder what you're doing to cope?

The only thing I can think of is to change my web address... what do you think?

Now THIS is a "shady" subject!