Friday, October 29, 2010

'Tis Been a Long Way to Tipperary

but despite modem glitches and with the help of many technical services, I've returned! You don't miss what you have until you don't have it! (And I've missed being on my computer!!)

Please visit Dave to see the wonderful posts for his 2010 Fall Color Project! Click the logo above.

Fall? It is Fall and it seems that everything (including myself) is showing signs of a "slow release." The color has seemed to come slowly this season. Could it be the fault of a long, wet summer?

Let me share a few photos taken during this past month's time.

Starting on September 29

SW corner of the town square - Sept. 29

Spotted on the way home October 6

October 9th saw these following scenes

SW corner of the town square on October 10th

October 10 - the opposite corner of the square
October 19th

The next photos were taken October 25th

This is always one of the first to turn to breathtaking colors... hmmm?

Looking out over our backyard this morning... Friday, October 29th
Isn't this a gorgeous sight?

You can tell that there are still a number of trees holding green leaves. This will probably change soon, as the temperatures were below freezing this morning. The birdbath was a block of ice!

Best wishes!


Phoenix C. said...

What a beautiful area you live in, Shady!

And I love the 'Fanfare' Gaillardia - I've always liked gaillardias, but haven't had any for a few years - must get some again!

Rose said...

Great idea to show the changes over the last few weeks--it's been a beautiful fall despite our hot and dry summer. The red maples have been especially gorgeous. We had a hard frost yesterday, too, and more cold nights are in the forecast, so the gardening season is definitely coming to an end.

Glad you're back online; I need to have my computer worked on, but can't make myself do without it for a week or so:)

troutbirder said...

Glad things got fixed. Beautiful fall progression sequence there. In fact, I'll be in the original Tipperary tomorrow. :) I'll compare colors later....

joey said...

The trees are glorious! Though waning, we still have color here too.

Northern Shade said...

The sequence from green to yellow to bright red and orange shows how awesome the transformation of autumn can be. Plus, you live near such a cute town, love that square.

It is also beautiful sight back home in your woodland. There are lots of leaves to scuffle through and enjoy.

joco said...

Hiya Shady,

It's nice to have you back where you belong....

Rosemary said...

Shady Missed you. Love the colour changes... Beautiful time of the year.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I swear that fall colors are every prettier than flowers!

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Phoenix! Thanks for your visit. I hope you're enjoying great Fall weather. :-)

Rose, You understand completely!!

troutbirder, You are always busy doing something and going somewhere. And you always have great stories to relate. I'll look forward to visiting.

Hi Joey, What a difference a couple of days make! The trees are dropping leaves "like crazy!" And things look so much different from the photos above already!

Hi Northern, It's a cute town. ;-) Are you scuffling through your woods, too?

Hi Joco, Nice to be back! :-)

Rosemary, I need to head over. Thank you for the "shout" recently. I'm so glad you received everything - hope your seeds germinate!!!

Msrobin, I agree completely!!

Unknown said...

Hi. I miss the american fall so much... In my opinion the best time of the year. Good photos and nice colors.Have a great week

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

I like watching that fall color progression! The orange maple really is breathtaking! It's one of my favorite trees if only for many reasons but its fall color would be enough! Thanks for joining in the Fall Color Project!

Shady Gardener said...

Thanks for doing this every year, Dave!! :-)