Thursday, January 1, 2009

Summer 2008 Inspiration - January Posting!

Star Light,
Star Bright,

First Star I see tonight
I Wish I May,
I Wish I Might...

The following is part of what I have added to my

"Wish List for 2009"

I know I've left a lot of my favorite bloggers out (Most of you are on my sidebar,
but I just can't list you all!)

Please Forgive Me!
But... even if I've left you out of the following list, please visit these peoples' blogs.
It's Worth It! :-)

I haven't provided links here, but check out my right sidebar under "gardening links!"

From Deb at GardenAuthor, I put anti-dessicant spray,
and the liberty of taking time for a poetic diversion (both in reading and creating!).
(She's so good at doing all those things, from taking care of her plants to having fun!)
and a sweater for Sidney (our dog)! ;-)

from Gail at Clay and Limestone, I'd love to have
Black and Blue Salvia (although I don't really have enough sun),
and 'Tojen' tricyrtis.

from Iowa Boy, at An Iowa Garden,
I put a couple more primroses,
(this is my only surviving from 2008)
one of several Japanese Maples,
and many other items he has described
and encouraged me to explore.

From IVG, at Urban Oasis, I've listed
'Kopper King' Hibiscus (yet to determined if it's practical)
and be "diverse."

from Kate, at Kate's Smudges in Earth, Paint and Life, I added
"Check out 'Clematis tangutica!'
and "remember to write about what's most important to me..."

from Kylee at Our Little Acre, I put
"More Butterfly Plants"
and "take more time to travel for inspiration!"
(Note to self: I will not be entering any marathons.) ;-)

From MMD at Mr. McGregor's Daughter, I've added
'Rozanne' Hardy Geranium.
'Tojen' tricyrtis received an additional tally mark here!

from Mr. Brown Thumb, I've put
"be careful, generous and note the details"

from Nan at Hayefield, I noted,
"visit more often and read carefully!"

from our friend at Northern Shade Gardening, I put
Chionodoxa and Puschkinia
as well as "Pay closer attention HER shady details!"

from Ralph at Homespun Headlines, I've put
"look for the humorous and share it with others!"

from Troutbirder, I added
"Make memories and tell the tales!"

from Gardening Gone Wild, I added
the note to participate in their inspiring
memes on garden features, etc.

from Kathleen, at Kasey's Korner, I wrote again
"take a closer look at details, get creative, and
assemble and add a few more
deliciously beautiful (shall I copy?) potted collections!"

from Cameron, at Defining Your Home Garden,
I've noted that I should print some of her posts!! ;-)
Somehow she speaks to the needs at hand
(Thanks Cameron!).

from Carolyn Gail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago,
I noted "Generosity and an artistic eye."

from Kathryn, at Plant Whatever Brings You Joy,
I put "humility."

from Frances, at Fairegarden, I put
"be generous and helpful."

from Rosemary, at Rosemary's Blog Spot, I put
"share your cooking talents, too!"

From Lisa at Greenbow (and MMD and Carol)
"Journal! and there's no better time to begin than now!"

from Monica at Garden Fairie's Musings
remind me to use a sense of humor!

from Jan at Thanks for 2 Day
I added "Be Thankful!" and "share more!"

from Nan at As the Garden Grows
from Chad and Brandy at Our Backyard Life
"Don't forget the camera!"
(Actually, most of you inspire me with this one!!)

from Patsy at Garden Endeavors
I put "generosity and enthusiasm."

from Joey at The Village Voice, I noted
"Versatility with a capital 'V'!"

from Dirty Fingernails at Green Thumb Chronicles,
"take a break when I need to!"

for The Illustrated Garden, I wrote
"Note to self: Visit more often!"

from Carol at May Dreams Gardens, I added
"use that hoe more often!" ;-)

from Nancy Bond at Soliloquy
"Seek that calm Spirit"

This wish list turned into more than just plants and gardening, didn't it? But then... isn't gardening just one (important) part of life? And aren't all facets of our lives intermingled and interwoven within who we are? So... I know it's all applicable. And I thank you for your Inspiration in 2008 as we enter 2009!!!
Best Wishes, SG :-)


Thanks For 2 Day said...

Dear ShadyG, What a wonderful and thoughtful's so inspiring! All of the bloggers have wonderful ideas...each with his/her own special twist. (Thanks so much for including mine...I still have a lot to work on--with the blog, and myself:)) Thankfulness and 'giving' are a daily pursuit and often require 'conscious effort' even when I don't feel like it!
You are one sweet person, and I wish for you a blessed 2009:) Jan

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

What a great wish list Shady, and a lovely post to kick off the New Year.
Best wishes for 2009

Rosemary said...

Happy New Year to you!Thank you for posting my blog link. You have made 2009 already!I so enjoy reading yours.

Rose said...

I came here to see your Muse Day post, Shady Gardener, and found all these nuggets of wisdom as well! We learn so much from all our blogging friends, don't we, and not just about gardening. Great post and a Happy New Year!

Carolyn gail said...

What an inspiring post for New Year's day, Shady. Thanks for your complimentary remarks.

Shady Gardener said...

Jan, We learn from each other! :-)

Karen, I'm sorry I had forgotten to include you in the above list (as one who is very inspiring!)

Hi, Rosemary! :-)

Rose, you're exactly right! We learn from and inspire each other. :-)

Hi, Carolyn gail, Glad to "see" you. :-)

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Happy New Year! That's an excellent list. From you I have the inspiration to take more notes! I try to remember everything about everything & I fail miserably. I will start thinking of my wish list now. Of course my plant wish list is already substantial.

Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful list. I could do well to follow most of the items, including the one you mentioned from us.
Thanks for including us, best wishes for the year to come.

Gail said...

Dear Shady,

An absolutely delightful list...and a great reminder to me to write down all the great ideas...then try them, take more photos and pay closer attention to details!

Thank you Shady for including me on your list...I am honored. I have loved getting to know you and look forward to 2009! (go ahead and try Black and Blue...mine is not in full sun).


Pat Leuchtman said...

Most inspiring. For myself, the best advice was to pay attention to the details, to really look, and to seek that calm spirit. Thank you.

IBOY said...

Good work! I'll bring you an "unkillable" primrose.

Shady Gardener said...

To each of you that has left a note, I thank you for all the fun reading, inspiration you give me and I really look forward to 2009! :-) I cannot seem to write each of you a note... exception being Iowa boy! In a word... "Yippee!" ;-) Happy New Year!

troutbirder said...

Thanks Shady! You make me smile.

Shady Gardener said...

Troutbirder, I think making people smile may be one purpose of mine. :-)

Kathleen said...

What a wonderful list Shady Gardener ~ a great compilation of wishes and ideas. I am truly honored you have me/my blog included amongst some of my faves too. I get inspiration from you and your garden also. Happy New Year to you and your family and absolutely feel free to copy any container assemblage I've posted! It would make me feel so proud.

The Garden Faerie said...

You think I'm funny! You really do! Gosh, Shady, thanks for saying so! Oddly enough, I've found a sense of humor doesn't always go over too well in the corporate world, even though, if you ask me, that's where you need it most. I guess people confuse doing a good job with taking things seriously... so I like that I can do both in my gardening life and that someone notices/appreciates it! Happy new year!!
~ Monica

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Kathleen, Thanks! I always assume that if I post a gardening or crafty idea, if someone "out there" is inspired, they could surely either copy or adapt to fit their needs. Thanks for feeling the same way! :-)

Monica, A sense of humor can often be a sanity saving device... otherwise it's just a good thing to possess! :-)

Kylee said...

What a great idea for a post!

I'll let you in on something...I'm not going to run any marathons, either! LOL!

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Kylee! Well... that makes me feel better, although you're younger than I and probably could do it! :-)

Anonymous said...

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