Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

(Spring Beauty, Tiarella, Brunera, Lily of the Valley, and a squished violet blossom)
But not in a grubby hand.

Happy Mother's Day
to my

Those early memories of creeping alongside the east fence to sneak a stalk of rhubarb,
and engaging you in a game of Chase and Catch, all in the name of "good health"
(the-once-and-for-all, dreaded spoonful of cod liver oil! Yuck!).
The times I tried your patience, (did I sing too loud when babies were sleeping?)
as well as the times that I hoped I'd made you proud.
You afforded opportunity to exercise my childish wonder and imagination;
to learn about the world around me;
and to imagine great attainable, and maybe unattainable, pursuits.

I thank you Mom for your calm demeanor,
your steady presence,
and for your selfless attention.

You grew the original organic garden
baked the best pies and cookies around (as well as homemade rolls),
and provided the most healthful diet.

We never heard a complaint.
No discontent.
Not a disparaging comment.
We were taught truthfulness, kindness and caring.
Even when comments and actions of others weren't.

I love you, Mom.
Happy Day!

Now... for the humorous!
We always made Mother's Day cards in my second-grade classroom.
We often enclosed the following poem...
Just for Fun!

The Worm
by Ralph Bergengren

When the earth is turned in Spring
the worms are fat as anything.

And birds come flying all around
to eat the worms right off the ground.

They like worms just as much as I
like bread and milk and apple pie.

And once, when I was very young,
I put a worm right on my tongue.

I didn't like the taste a bit,
And so I didn't swallow it.

But oh, it makes my mother squirm
because she thinks I ate that worm!

Happy Mother's Day - to All the Moms "out there!"


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

What a pretty little posy! I liked the poem & drawing too.

Shady Gardener said...

Thanks MMD. :-) I hope my mom was able to visit yesterday! (I called her.)

Anonymous said...

Nice Iris! Enjoyed the poetry - lovely sentiments and tribute. What a great slide show and good information about that nursery in your sidebar. I have had some pretty miserable experiences with mail order plants, in the past. Glad to see you've discovered a reliable supplier... Deb

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Deb, Thanks! I found the site for the slide show on someone else's blog. I didn't have to download anything to create it. :-)

I Highly recommend these two nurseries. Hallson just replaced a pulmonaria that had looked good when it first arrived, but it wasn't doing well. The new one looks great! :-)