Sunday, July 6, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

I haven't participated in this for awhile (officially).
This is Green Thumb Sunday and you should join in the fun!

Now, this isn't actually blooming, yet.
But the leaves are pretty.Kopper King Hardy Hibiscus

This will be a purple coneflower.
However, in the shade, it's a pale shade of pink.

"Stella Supreme"
My tag says "Purple d'Oro,"
but I'm fairly certain that's wrong!
This plant is much too tall and the flower too large.
( I do have Purple d-Oro in the back... I'll see if it's blooming tomorrow.)
"Yellow Mammoth" Spider lily
This has large flowers and very tall flower scapes!
"Custard Candy"
Another misplaced tag... unknown daylily.
A very prolific rebloomer!
Whoever named this Lilium "Pink" understated its beauty!
This is a yellow trumpet lily
And an upward facing white trumpet lilyI'm hoping to find their tags tomorrow.


Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Yay Shady! You already have Kopper King!!! That's almost my very favorite perennial hibiscus, along with "Blue River" and "Lord Baltimore." Kudos to you, and I bet you just love it as we do! I won't pester you about planting this one, hehe.

You have some lovely day lilies too, though we're pretty uninterested in those at this point, because all we have are the weedy orange "privet lilies," thoug we've found a few that interest us, but we don't have them.

YAY again on Kopper King! That's truly THE superb hibiscus to have!

Gail said...

Hi Shady,

Another Kopper King fan is stopping by to say hello! I do love your daylilies but the gold unnamed one is one of my favorites. I have always liked the simple spider types with their often curling petals and simple

My KK is not blooming and is tlling me to move him to the sun! So this fall we pack him up for the big move!


Shady Gardener said...

IVG, I guessed your foliage photo, didn't I? ;-) I hate to move hardy hibiscus. I did it once, and it never was quite the same... (Let me know how it goes, Gail!) My KK would like it better in a sunnier spot, I'm sure.

I absolutely love daylilies. There is such a great variety!! I'm drooling over a few photos, right now! ha.

Gail, I'm going to post a few more photos of daylilies from time to time. I don't have an overabundance, due to my setting, but I think I could handle about three more! ;-)

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I love that presumed 'Stella Supreme"! That is such a perfect shade of lemon, I bet it just glows. IVG's waxing lyrically about that Hibiscus nearly tempted me to buy 1 this morning, but then reality firmly gripped me. It would dwindle to nothing in my very well drained soil. They are majestic things.

Shady Gardener said...

MMD, I love Stella Supreme, too. There's another little yellow one out front that I wanted to include in this post, but I didn't get a good photo. Will try later. Ohh, that's too bad about your not getting the hibiscus. Are you Sure there's not a way to work it out??? ;-)
Always glad when you visit!

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

You said you were stumped on the KK hibiscus, but you did get the Ligularia leaf!

As for Gail moving hers ... hmm, we've never tried it but in theory it should work. I would worry too, like you, that it would suffer somewhat for a year or so after moving it, but that's nothing I can confirm personally (and you can!).

MMD, sorry to hear you held off on KK! Actually it likes very well drained soil, even poorish (the bed where I have mine and the Blue River is very quick draining and very dry), and once established, it's impervious to the heat and dry, in fact it thrives there! Scoot on back to that nursery and join the club! (nope, no pressure at all, none, hehe)

Shady Gardener said...

IVG, :-)