Tuesday, June 16, 2009

'Prince of Silver' Heuchera

I'm so almost-sure-it's-right that I'm going to make a nametag!

'Prince of Silver'

Many thanks to VW Garden for posting her top photo.
I wrote a comment about its name,
and she responded by e-mail.

'Prince of Silver!'

My next step was to search online.

This is the first site I found.
(Click to see the photos and compare!)

Posted below are photos I showd recently of my heretofore unnamed Heuchera -

(God bless you! You sneezed, too??)


Yep! I'm thinking it's 'Prince of Silver.'
Are you in agreement??

Meanwhile, Mr. Shady and I are headed for Michigan to Make some Memories! :-) We're looking forward to a visit with our son, daughter-in-law and our three grandchildren!

I'll be here next week.
And there's definitely nothing "shady" about This Trip!!

Here's another place to visit. It describes 2' flower scapes.

Could these be flowers of the same type of heuchera?
This first photo is mine... and they've been blooming for awhile.

If you look at the older blossoms here, you'll see the same "greenness."
Have I convinced anyone??


Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Wow, I've never seen flower stalks so tall. Also love the foliage. Heucheras are a personal favorite of mine (as in the top 20, even, not just the top 100!).

VW said...

One final test is the blooms - I'm going to email you a picture of mine to see if they match yours. They're actually really pretty blooms - perhaps the prettiest of all my heucheras.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed at the wonderful Heucheras now on the market. Once upon a time it was 'Amber Waves' everyone was lusting after. And now the choices are practically limitless.

I'm thinking I'll have to start looking for the prince!!

Shady Gardener said...

Monica, I really do enjoy them... but some of them seem to need a little more TLC than I can manage.

VW, I'd love to see a photo of the blooms. Perhaps I'd better wait before making my label?? ;-)

Grace, I understand completely. The Prince looks good. And Gail of Clay and Limestone recommended one that looks Really Good: Heuchera vilosa 'Autumn Bride.' Check it out! :-)

Shady Gardener said...

VW, Thanks for the photo of your blossoms. Some of your flower scapes look tall (as are mine). My photos are a little "close," but what do you think?? :-)

Sue said...

They look the same to me! I think I am going to go take photos of mine and see if I can find any tags to match them with, and if I get a post up, I'll put links to your and VW's posts to say where I got the idea.

Gail said...

Long Live The Prince! He's a beautiful heuchera! Can you ever have too many! No~~Shady, if he's not the prince then he ought to be Prince, Not! until you discover his identity. gail

Kathleen said...

Looks princely to me! and I agree with Monica ~ I've never seen bloom stalks so tall. Amazing. Have a fantastic trip. We'll look forward to your return. I hope someone is taking care of the garden?!! That's always my first priority in the summer. lol

Anonymous said...

Those have great foliage. The flowers remind me of hosta, but the leaves are way more interesting.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I remember the day you posted this I saw the same heuchera on 3 blogs all unnamed. You might have solved a lot of peoples mystery.
It sure is a pretty one, I love the flowers.
Have a great trip :)

joey said...

Lots of good stuff happening in your garden, Shady. Besides hosta, I'm also addicted to heuchera ... can't get my fill of either! I'm praying our Michigan weather will be delightful for your visit. It's been a cool rainy spring but 80s are on the way (bring long underwear, flannel nightgown, bathing suit and shorts ... that should just about cover our ever-changing climate :)

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

I have a few of these in my garden. I'm a quest to get some yellow and orange ones next. There's a variety called "Ginger Ale" that I have on my wish list. -Jackie

Phoenix C. said...

Love those silver heuchera! I don't have much success with heuchera here except in pots. I like 'Palace Purple' which would look stunning next to the silver.

Shady Gardener said...

Sue, I've just been to your site to see your heuchera. Great photos. I believe we both have "Prince of Silver," don't you think? Before I really make a tag, I think I'll go shopping to see if I can find him anywhere. ;-)

Gail, Would that be Shady? ;-)

Kathleen, I believe the Lord took care of the watering while we were gone! Yea! Three inches in the rain gauge, and we received another inch last night! :-)

Chad and Brandy, coral bell flowers are so very tiny compared to those of hosta... guess that helps make them distinctive. :-)

Hi Catherine, I'm still hesitant to create a label. Guess I'll see if I can find one in "real life" first. The tall flowers are fun, aren't they?

Joey, I didn't take a jacket and when we arrived last Wednesday it was COLD up there - around 60 degrees! But it warmed up every day to Pleasant, not hot. And it rained every night during the night, I think. :-) We made great memories in Michigan!

Hi Jackie, Isn't there quite the variety of Heuchera?? I'll watch to see if you find Ginger Ale. :-)

Phoenix C, Palace Purple is a great Heuchera. It is very robust here. I have three or four plants in different locations. They highlight the plants around them. :-)

Gail said...

Just stopping by to see how you are doing! gail

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Gail, I've been catching up from one trip and am now trying to ready for another short trip to visit my parents and lots of family! The weather has gone from nicely cool and rainy to very Hot and rainy. The heat and humidity(!) are quite prohibitive when it comes to working outdoors very much. (Needless to say, the weeds are Really getting ahead of me!) This too shall pass. Thanks for visiting. I'm sorry I've not been able to post.