Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hurrah! I'm Posting Tonight! :-)

No, I don't have my new camera yet.

But a wonderful friend/neighbor allowed me to borrow hers! She has a Canon, so the buttons looked very similar to my old one, but it was enough different that my photos didn't always turn out to be the clearest. However, I'm not going to complain!!! So you can't either! :-)

You get to see every picture I took tonight - and then some! Click on any of them... some of them enlarge Very Nicely!

Yes, this is a Poinsettia. I put it outdoors this Spring, thinking it would surely die. But no. It looks wonderful. I may just try the month-long regimen of dark/light again this Fall. If I don't have red "flowers" for Christmas, out it goes!
(On the left of the poinsettia are my new 'Ed Brown' daylily and baby spider plants...yes, they rooted off the mother plant seen in the top right of this photo. I cannot tell a lie. I find it hard to throw plants away. I'd seen this idea of letting the babies be a groundcover somewhere... so here they are. On the right of the poinsettia are a hosta and a poison ivy plant. There have been a number of these PI pests growing in and around the flower beds this year. Hmmmm.)

My neighbors' fungi. Pretty neat, huh?

This is a renegade impatien. Do you think it hopped the fence between our yards?

These two photos are of Liriope Spicata. Both plants do love to spread themselves around.
They are described as invasive, but until this year (I planted them 6 years ago), they're just filling in their spaces very nicely. Next year I will share. lol. Let me know if you want some! One of these varieties has the lavendar flowers, as seen below. But most of my plants have pink flowers, as seen in this second photo.

Oh! I can hardly wait to show you the tricyrtis that are blooming!

First we have 'Taipei Silk' on the left and 'Moonlight Treasure' on the right. Both new plants.

Here we have 'Tojen' (new plant) on the left and 'Blue Wonder' on the right. I really have trouble when I photograph BW. The real-life blue color doesn't always show true in photos. There was a bright sunset light tonight... perhaps that was the problem?

You can see how bright the setting sun was in this photo. I tried to photograph my new phlox, "Mattie" this evening. It's getting ready to bloom, even though it's not very tall. That should change next year. :-)
This might give you an idea that there's still a lot of color here. 'Rosy Returns' daylily has never quit blooming, while the other yellow "in-front" clumps are reblooming.
Here we have gaillardia 'Fanfare' in the three stages of bloom. New, old, and fuzz. :-)

Looking down towards part of the front beds, you'll see several impatiens. They are ALL volunteers this year. They re-seeded last year, too. Can you believe it??

For Mother's Day, our Church passed out glad bulbs. This is one that is now blooming.

Here's 'Diamond Edge' Sedum in the front beds.

Now, for a change in venue.

I've been reworking some steps between the South side of the house and the Woodland Walk.

This photo was taken November 29, 2008.
Perhaps you can tell, on the left, there were two large jutting pieces of ground edged in Windsor Blocks. If you look discerningly, you can see that there is no room between the blocks and the trees for a lawnmower. I put those jutting stepways in the ground about two years prior to this photo, I think. At any rate, it was inconvenient. Nothing grew in the one you can see.So this spring, I dug that farthest jutting piece of ground out, purchased more Windsor blocks, created a series of steps, lined them with fabric liner, placed homemade stepping stones on them and filled in around them with pea gravel. The job is unfinished in the photo below, which was taken June 21, 2009. Perhaps you can see that there will eventually be room for a lawnmower?

This photo was taken this evening, August 23, 2009. I dug a series of 4x4" tumbled blocks into the ground next to the steps. The extra dirt is slightly mounded to level the area. One wheel of the lawnmower can ride the blocks and we'll be able to mow whatever might grow in this area, all the way up to the South side of the house. I'm not yet finished with the "landscaping, but... there you go.

The view looking back towards the Raised Bed Gardens might give you another perspective of the steps. What do you think?? (I can see that if someone doesn't care for steps, they'll just walk down the little "runway." lol.)

Perhaps you can tell I've also been working on the trail through the Woodland Walk, too?
If you scroll up a bit, you can see a poor little gate standing all by itself. Hopefully within the month of September or so, I'll get another project begun. I'll keep you "posted!"

Nothing Shady here but the shade and the night time outdoors. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi SG~~ First, thank you for the sweet reply on my blog. Thinking of me when you saw pink flowers...the nicest of compliments!

Your stone work is very impressive. My back hurts just thinking about the muscle, brains and tenacity it took to complete. It must be very gratifying for you. I love how the impatiens reseeded themselves. Free plants, you can't beat that! I didn't know about PINK Liriope! Hmmm... :]

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I'm glad you were able to post some pictures. Your garden is looking beautiful. My tricyrtis just won't bloom so I'll just enjoy yours instead, I hear they bloom easily but not for me.
Your path areas look great, that is a lot of work, but really worth it. Nice that you gave people the option of stairs or a runway :)

Frances said...

Hi Shady, hooray for nice friends who have cameras to loan! And a Canon too, how fortuitous! I love your new steps with the curved landings, very artistic, and a runway for a wheelbarrow too. You have solved several problems here, Well Done! Poison ivy has been sprouting like crazy here, in a way that it has never done before. It pops up in one day where before there was none, even close to the paths and deck that are perused closely every day. What is the deal??? :-)

Gail said...

Shady, I love the reworked path through the Woodland Walk and the steps are fantastic. You have been a busy gardener! Your blooming flowers look spectacular, too...sigh, I don't see any buds on my tricyrtis, I hope it's just too early here! gail

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Grace, There's something about pink flowers during a particular time of Summer, (especially in a shady backyard!) that lifts one's spirits in such a way that makes one think of a nice glass of iced "Sweet tea!" with a friend. So I thought of you. ;-)

my word verif: inept ha!

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Catherine! The tricyrtis that are blooming are all new plants, except 'Blue Wonder,' and he's the one that resides in the front yard where he gets a little direct sunlight. He's really thriving there, by the way... I have two plants of BW and they're both about 3 feet tall and bushy! I counted 20 blossoms this morning with too many buds to think about counting.

Last year, 'Gilt Edge' was a new plant and bloomed early. This seems to be a bit of a pattern...

Visit again. Hopefully, before long, I'll have my own camera to record the blossoms. Meanwhile, I may have to ask for the loan of a camera again... ;-)

PS My grandchildren may think both routes - steps and walkway - are fun. ha. YOU could decide whenever you decide to visit. (wouldn't that be fun?) :-)

Shady Gardener said...

Gail, You know how it is... there's always at least one project going on all the time. ;-)
Don't fret about your tricyrtis. I think it's early. The plants that are blooming are new ones for the most part. Blue Wonder may have his own reasons... he's out in the next-to-the-house front bed where he gets sunshine for a little bit every afternoon.

Shady Gardener said...

Frances, We can commiserate about the poison ivy. I am completely identifying with you about how it's showing up here and there in places it's never been before. What's the deal?? Plus this year, for the first time, I had a little reaction and it took about three weeks to clear up. Crazy!

Anyway, my first hypertufa project is finished, but I waited too long to unmold it. I also used some reinforcing fibers (plastic?) that stick out in places. I'm not sure I'll do that again... But it will be cute when it's planted. So I'll make a post, later.

YOU have completely inspired me to make a round ball or two (or more, for gifts), as well as a head of my own!! (I think perhaps an extra head may come in handy??) ha.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I'm so glad I enlarged the photo of the fungi - I had thought that the brown stuff was deer poop! Tricyrtis 'Moonlight Treasure' is a "wow" plant, the foliage is as beautiful as the bloom. I hope you've give 'Tojen' plenty of room. Mine's huge width-wise, even though I divided it this year. You have a way with Impatiens. I can't even get them to survive the summer in my garden, much less reseed.
Great job on the steps!

Rosey Pollen said...

Hi SG,
I am glad you were able to post, I thoroughly enjoyed the tour.
I think your steps are very terrific looking and must have taken a long time to get them so professional looking!
Off I go, to go do a domestic duty I despise, folding clothes.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi MMD! Oh boy! I'd hate to think we had such a deer population! ;-) I'm glad you enlarged the photo, too. lol.

I'll look forward to Tojen's growth! Blue Wonder has that same habit! :-) Sounds like you need a couple more tricyrtis plants. :-)

As for the steps, thanks! There are still little details to work out, but it's nice to know I'm about finished with that project!

Hi Rosey! Thanks for leaving such a nice note. I understand your attitude about folding clothes... I washed a lot today, but nothing got folded. Hmmmm. Guess that'll be a job for tomorrow. :-)

Kylee from Our Little Acre said...

"New, Old, and Fuzz" - LOLOL!!!

LOVE your new steps! Really nice!

And we too have had GOBS of poison ivy popping up in the gardens! We can't figure out why, other than perhaps a bird ate the berries at one point and deposited them? I don't know if I've even seen poison ivy around here with the berries on it! But we've found it in a dozen different places - the latest, it was growing right up through the veronica that was newly planted last year. Weird!

Dave@The Home Garden said...

The steps look great! Good problem solving. I would be tempted to mulch the whole area under the trees and add more shade plants or ground covers like pachysanda. I like the gaillardia!

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Wow, so much to see--looks like you've gotten a lot done. Love all the blooms.

Northern Shade said...

I smiled when I saw the poinsettia nestled in with the Hosta and spider plants. Your tricyrtis are a nice flower to look forward to at this time of year. The Blue Wonder looks good, even if it was hard to capture. There are a few flower colours that I have trouble photographing, no matter how much I adjust my camera settings. You will soon a have a new camera, with lots of new settings to experiment with.

You've been very busy with the steps and woodland walk. I didn't notice the change in elevation so much, until I saw the last two photos.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Kylee, When you see PI in the midst of a loved plant, it's hard to deal with! I have pulled several plants this summer (with gloves), but had a recent episode - just a few blisters - that lasted 3 weeks and left tiny scars. CraZy! I'm hearing the same story of PI in several gardens this summer.

Hi Dave, I know what you mean... but I wasn't sure my mower would leave the mulch where it sits as it ran over it. AND because we have such a downslope, it will help keep the soil "in place." ;-)

I really like that little gaillardia, too. The flower petals look like July 4 fireworks!

Hi Northern! Ha, indeed! I'll tell you, I had great intentions with that poinsettia last Fall. But it's really hard for me to remember: In a dark basement corner at 5:00 PM and up to the bright light at 9? 10:00? AM every day for a month! I lasted about three or four days before I forgot. ha. We'll see how I do This Fall. ;-)

Northern, I'd ordered my camera through Dell 8 days ago. Yesterday, I received an e-mail that it's not going to be available to ship. Darn! So, now I'll start over. Perhaps I can find a "quick-shipper!"

Yep - quite a slope. It's been a little challenge! Have a great day!

Kathleen said...

What is taking that new camera so long to arrive?! I would be a mess waiting for it. Thank goodness for nice neighbors is right! Good to see your garden but I'm most impressed with your steps. They are professional looking all the way. What a beautiful job you've done. I think they make a huge difference and are so attractive. Good job!

Kathleen said...

ps. My japanese anemones are pretty invasive but I like them anyway too. Like you, I just pull them out where they are unwanted. I wouldn't want to not have them since they're so valuable for fall blooms.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Kathleen. I AM a mess! ;-) I had ordered from Dell, but 8 days after I'd ordered, they sent me an e-mail (yesterday) saying it was unavailable. So, I've started over. I may have to drive to Iowa City Friday. (I cannot go earlier.) I was on-line and found a store that offers the camera I want much cheaper than other sites online (and driving is less than postage).

BTW: Do you find it's hard to transplant the anemone??? I've only give a couple away that have "taken."

Sue said...

I planted a clump of purple blooming liriope about 9 years ago, and it has spread in the area it is in. I have divided it a few times. I put some across the street this spring, and it is blooming as well as what's here.

I enjoyed your yard photos. I like your paths I can just see me walking with my grandson, and he is taking the steps.