Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Eating My Words

Even out on the free-hanging feeder, the birds are perching on the tin pie plate. A few moments ago, there were two on the pan. Now look at the feeder!

As far as the aluminum pie tin, I don't think the birds are feeling at all threatened.
They're eating the thistle seed like crazy!

We're supposed to have a lot of snow tonight.
Maybe I will still use a terracotta pan... we'll see.


Anonymous said...

Hi SG~~ Your birds look very happy to me. I bet it feels great to help care for them.

troutbirder said...

Am tending to think when our little friends swarm the feeders it as good a sign of impending snowstorms as any. Clever idea those pie tins.

Rosemary said...

LOL greedy little beggars aren't they. So great to see in the winter.

Rick said...

Eat your tongue! (laughs)
Yesterday I was a bit annoyed with birds, on the other hand...I bought a burger king meal and sat on th beach, sunny day, aroun 30 degrees, summer...
in a few inutes I found myself running up and down to make the sea birds (those huge white ones) go away from my fries. (laughs)

Rick said...

oh sorry, me and my typos:
inutes = Minutes


Anonymous said...

That pan is like a buffet table to them. We used to use one of those pans as a water dish, the birds didn't seem to mind.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Grace. Yes, it feels good to care for them. It's also a lot of fun to watch them! :-)

troutbirder, Perhaps you're right. They've been "swarming" all day - and the forecast is up to 6" of snow tonight. Stay warm up there!!

Hi Rosemary, I think it's my fault! ;-)

Rick, 30 degrees doesn't sound warm, but I'm assuming you mean Celsius. 30 degrees C = 86 degrees Fahrenheit... which is warm! Sounds like a great day - were you able to keep your
fries safe? :-)

Chad and Brandy, They've been dealing with the pans very handily today.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I'm glad the pie tins are working out. I'd be worried that the terracotta would freeze & break. I think the birds just needed to get used to the idea.

Randy Emmitt said...

Very happy gold finches there! I can recall a spring when 50 of these finches would be in the trees and hitting the feeders. Stay warm and build yourself a snowman or snowwoman.

kate smudges said...

It looks as if the birds are doing great. The tin pie plates seem to be working well. You are fortunate to have lots of birds in the winter. We don't see many here. It's just too cold. I'm awaiting spring. Happy New year to you!!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Your great idea seems to be encouraging more birds to visit :) They look cute sitting in it!

VW said...

This year I keep visiting all the snowy garden blogs and thinking - yay! It's not me for once! Our first two winters here were so snowy - much more than average. I hope you and your birds can hang in there and outlast the white stuff until spring.

Nutty Gnome said...

Hi Shady - your tin plate is working out really well!

I've had loads of birds on my feeders and round the water I put out today(note to self: must move feeders to nearer the house so I can take photos!). We're forecast to get a load more snow tonight, so I think they're stocking up again!
It does seem that lots of birds at the feeders = lots of snow later.

Stay warm :)

hahah - my word verifications is 'grins'. How about that?!!!

Rose said...

Great ideas for your feeders, SG! A pan under the finch feeder makes so much sense. I haven't noticed much activity on mine recently, so maybe I need to add something like this for them to perch on. We're snowed in today, and I did manage to get out and fill the feeders, which were practically empty. I've got to be more diligent! From what I've heard on the news, Iowa is getting hit by this storm much worse than we are. Hope you're staying warm!

Shady Gardener said...

MMD, I think you're right! We had about 3-4 more inches today (no school) and it's so pretty. I really don't want to go outdoors today, but I may just change my mind and tutor today and not tomorrow. ;-)

Randy, We've seen those numbers, too. They're beautiful, aren't they? Yep, when the weather warms... look out! There will be a snowman! Check out Feb 9 and Feb 19, 2008 posts. ;-)

Hi Kate! Crazy cold temps for sure. All the more reason to feed those birds. :-)

Hi Catherine, :-)

VW, I just headed over to your site and you're showing beautiful flowers. I agree - bring on the catalogs! ha. At any rate, I love looking out at all this beautiful snow. (It's begun again just now.)

Liz, Isn't it funny when the Word Verifications really "fit?" ;-) You will enjoy having your feeders closer to the house (if you can do it, now). At least anticipate having them closer when it's nicer outdoors (and or next year!) It's great fun looking out the window and taking photos! Esp. with the cold temps we've been experiencing.

Rose, I'd thought perhaps I'd go out later today (tutoring) but have decided against it. It's begun to snow again... and I DO have a lot of cleaning and packing to do (all the Christmas ornaments, etc.)