Tuesday, May 21, 2013

ABC Wednesday - S for Shed!

We spent the past few days with our daughter, son-in-law, and their family.  Mr. Shady and S.I.L. worked so hard!!!  They created a shed, from the ground up!  Yes, the basic shed has been built, but there is quite a bit of finish work to be done:  shingles, painting the pressed wood, covering with siding,  etc., etc.

But take a look for yourself!


Day One



 Day Two


Day Three (working around rainfall)


ABC with Mrs. Nesbitt
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Good times!


Kate said...

STEP-BY-STEP SHED is a wonderful medley of SNAPSHOTS for today! Kate, ABC Team

Mar said...

Yes, great choice for S, I enjoyed the step-by-step :)

S is for...

Roger Owen Green said...

Got SKILLS I lack!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Shady Gardener said...

Thanks, Kate!

Mar, I enjoyed being of some help in the process, but I was better at taking the photographs! ;-)

Hi Roger! I doubt so..

bettyl said...

How great to have someone so talented in the family. I'm sure the shed will be greatly used and appreciated.

Leslie: said...


abcw team


Hooray for those hard workers! This looks wonderful. I am a wee bit jealous. I could also use one of those. Enjoy!