Wednesday, September 11, 2013

So Thankful for 1/2" of Rain!!

I cannot water everything, all the time!  However, about once-a-week I make the rounds, over a two-day period, of watering everything I can for 45-minutes to 1 hour.

Nothing.  I repeat, Nothing.  Nothing compares to rain water.  The very composition of rainfall is so much different from that of tap water.  And nothing does a plant as much good as rainfall.

Even in drought conditions... and even if it totals only 1/2." 

We are truly grateful.

Real clouds - what's left after the rain.  :-)

Sad viburnum... evidence of extremely dry conditions.  And, no.  I cannot water everything!
 It did love today's rainfall.  A drop on a leaf.  It may be too late for these berries, but hopefully not for the bush!

 This is one Happy Heuchera! 

Tomorrow this Rhododendron will look Much Happier!  (And I even watered it 3 days ago.)


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