Thursday, November 7, 2013

What an Unusual Fall!

It is true that we have been in Autumn for awhie, and this year the trees have been holding onto their leaves very tightly.

It is also true that we are now one week into November, and the trees are just now letting go of their leaves!  Yesterday's breezy morning brought the leaves TUMBLING through the air!! 

This is why I'm considering it an unusual Fall.... not just an unusual Autumn, but an unusual  Fall-of-the-leaves!  :-)

I did a bit of raking the other day... but you would never know.
Just look at the trees that are still holding their leaves!


There are always a few oak trees that hold their leaves until Spring...
but they're only a few of the trees you see.

This tree will soon be dropping its leaves.  There are still trees "out there" with green leaves.
Not so many in my "Way Back," but they're all over town...

It's very late in the season to only just begin raking leaves...

BUT if you troubled to bring a rake to my house, I'd join you in raking and hauling them to the ravine back there!!  Be-leaf me...  I'm serious!!  :-)


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Rose said...

Oh my, I was feeling sorry for myself with the few leaves I need to rake--this looks like an overwhelming job! We've had a late fall, too, and I'm afraid by the time all the leaves fall, it's going to be too cold for me to want to go out and rake. Hope you get some volunteers:)