Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Is Bustin' Out All Oh-Oh-ver!

Happy June!!

 A peak at part of the front gardens...

Background Iris:  Iris Aurovariegata - Variegated Sweet Iris and light yellow, species unknown. Heuchera - coral bells, blooming is 'Ruby Bells' and to the right is Heuchera 'Dolche Key Lime Pie'
Foreground:  Bearded Iris, species unknown

Bearded Iris, species unknown with Heuchera 'Dolche Key Lime Pie' at foreground right and Campanula glomerata 'Supurba' (Clustered Bellflower -ready to bloom soon) at far right.

Geum triflorum - Prairie Smoke - a great grandchild of a true prairie plant!

 Sunny Corner Bed:  Siberian Iris 'Ruffled Velvet' in foreground, pink dianthus at left behind hanging planter (species unknown), Salvia 'May Night' in background and yellow bearded iris (species unknown) behind.

Dianthus 'Firewatch' - located in front bed

Clematis - 'Nellie Moser' - located in raised garden beds

Spiderwort - thanks to the birds! - located in the front garden bed

Again!  Happy June 1st!  Enjoy this month... there will be many changes!!  :-)



Kathy, your garden is fabulous! I bet the irises smell delicious. I have to say I am very jealous of your Geum triflorum. After many attempts, I bought another plant this year and will do my best to keep it alive. Yours is spectacular.

You're so right. This month will bring many changes. We have to enjoy every second of it before it's gone. Great post, dear friend. :)

Garden Fancy said...

Very pretty -- what a lovely time of year! I especially like your Key Lime Pie heuchera. Thanks for the photos! -Beth

MrBrownThumb said...

Oh wow. Your garden looks like it has grown by leaps and bounds since the last time I saw it pictured this time of year. It's beautiful.

Shady Gardener said...

How fun to find your comments today!

Grace! Would you like me to see if I can save some seem seeds for you?? I will try!! :-)

Shady Gardener said...

Beth, Key Lime Pie is one of my favorites, but I have quite a number of others... there are so many from which to choose these days!! Not buying any this year, though. :-) Too many other things to do!!

Shady Gardener said...

You just made me smile and smile, Mr. Brownthumb!! :-) Thanks for dropping by and for your compliments!

Time does have a way of maturing our gardens, though. I must visit you soon, especially since I recently saw that you again posted something interesting!!!