Thursday, August 7, 2014

ABC Wednesday - D is for Destination Hosta Farm!

Three friends and I were Determined to make garden forays to a couple of "garden centers" in extreme SE Iowa.  They area both located on Highway 2, west of Fort Madison a ways.

Hobbs Hilltop Gardens is owned and operated by Gerald Hobbs.  Gerald has been a daylily hybridizer for many years.  This link will take you to a list of his nursery stock.  Here are a couple of photos taken on Monday's trip.

 These little tree toads were Decidedly Doubtful about their territory being invaded!  :-)

Credit as to the owner of this photo, etc. is in the photo below.
I came home with Volcano (spider daylily) from Hobbs Hilltop Gardens.

Today's foray found us exploring hosta heaven at Hillcrest Hostas, a couple of miles west of Hobbs  Hilltop Gardens on U.S. Highway 2, on the south side of the highway.  This is a link to their website.  Make sure you click on each of the tabs for more photos!


 They also have a few daylily beds, but are not yet selling them.  They do not wish to compete with Mr. Hobbs.  However, this is another photo of a Dainty tree frog hiding in a Daylily!

I believe he Definitely resented the interruption of his afternoon nap!  :-)

Okay!  Do you want to see photos of the hostas I brought home today?  Here you go!

Names, not in any particular order, are:  'Autumn Frost', 'Grant Park', 'Happiness', 'Korean Snow', and 'Choo Choo Train.'
  Happiness Is . . .  

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Decidedly Happy!  :-)


Carver said...

Looks like a beautiful place. The plants you brought home will be fun to watch grow. Carver, ABC-W Team

Roger Owen Green said...

My, these are lovely.

retriever said...

Lovely place .

mrsnesbitt said...

I LOVE Hostas - a few years back we kept ducks so had very few slugs. I may introduce some in times to come - Hostas that is not ducks and certainly not slugs lol!

Shady Gardener said...

Many thanks to each of you for your visits! Mrs. n, I have never heard of using ducks to get rid of slugs. Are there any problems with keeping ducks?