Sunday, November 15, 2015

Late Fall, 2015. Welcome to My "Getting Less Shady" Space!

Hello!  This has been a wonderfully colorful Fall in the midwest!  Particularly, SE Iowa.
I wouldn't have expected it to be so...  our Spring began with very cool (cold) wet weather.  Spring actually extended through most of June (!).

We did have a few hot days during July and August, but not per usual.  We continued to experience cooler weather with rain at all the right times!  (I hardly watered pots more than 2 or 3 times; flower beds twice.)
Below:  The shady backyard on August 23, 2015
Traditionally, August is a very hot, dry month here.  Our grassy lawns go dormant and brown.  However, not this year.  As you can see, that even as late as the day-before-yesterday, our lawns are still nice and green!

(Below:  Front, sunnier yard (Nov. 13, 2015), especially since deciduous leaves are falling!)

I am so excited!  I just recently took ownership of a new, self-propelled lawn mower with a small rear bagger.  Friday afternoon, I mowed for what I believe to be the last time... mulching and bagging the leaves as well.  Doesn't the front yard look nice??  :-)

Enjoy a few "Fallish" photos below!

Look at my lovely (baby) Oakleaf Hydrangea!! 

'Husker Red' Penstemon in the foreground, below

Gaillardia (started from seed... which reverted to a lovely variety)

The last leaves of a burning bush

Below: (a baby) 'Mohawk' Viburnum burkwoodii
I cannot tell you how much I enjoy this plant below!  The flowers are
VERY fragrant in the Spring.  There are berries for the birds... and the color is lovely in the fall.

Nearly all the oak leaves have dropped... the rest will remain until Spring.
Yes, there have been TONS of leaves back here.
But that wonderful little mower cleaned the remaining leaves on Saturday (Nov. 14), beautifully!
(I don't work as hard on reseeding grass back here.  The ground isn't perfect and it's shady.)

Wishing you an enjoyable rest-of-the Fall 2015!!


Shirley said...

What a wonderful garden space, Shady! Great to have equipment to help with the leaves too. My small garden gets leaves building in the small pockets around ground cover plants. I recently bought a much smaller piece of equipment to deal with my leaves. I'm equally happy with my tiny 4" wide leaf rake (an interchangeable head tool). Just need the rain to stop to start using it again! Thanks for stopping by my blog, especially when I've been absent for a while :-)

Garden Fancy said...

Hasn't the weather this year been OK? I like having green grass all year round and not having to water very often (especially after planting a bunch of new trees and plants!). And the warm fall is lovely. But I guess winter will be here any day now -- let's hope it's a warm one! Best Regards, your fellow SE Iowa gardener, Beth

Rose said...

We've had a beautiful fall, too, but the weather is turning, and I have a feeling we've seen the last of warm sunny days for awhile. I didn't get around to raking leaves before strong winds last week blew them all out in the fields--I was glad I procrastinated:) Lovely foliage on the oakleaf and viburnum!

troutbirder said...

Your headline caught my attention in a rather sad way as here on Oak Hill we lost 6 of our largest oaks to the wilt. Thus a much less shady space in our backyard....:(

Patsi said...

Nice to see you Shady. After being reminded how shady your yard gets I can see you must have a lot of leaves to rake each fall. Hope you are well. Patsi

Shirley said...

Shady, hello again! Just wanted to pop by and wish you a Happy and Healthy 2016.