Sunday, February 4, 2018

ABC Wednesday - E


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The letter for this current week is E!

One of my favorite "silly" poems is (my second grade students used to love it!)


by Laura Elizabeth Richards
Once there was an Elephant,
Who tried to use the telephant—
No! No! I mean an Elephone
Who tried to use the telephone—
(Dear me! I am not certain quite
That even now I’ve got it right.)
Howe’er it was, he got his trunk
Entangled in the telephunk;
The more he tried to get it free,
The louder buzzed the telephee—
(I fear I’d better drop the song
Of Elephop and telephong!)
Because I am not so great at posting these days, please enjoy February, and may you find yourself the recipient of many Valentines and Valentine wishes!  


Corner Gardener Sue said...

That was fun! May I copy and past this with your name as the author to send in an email to a neighbor friend who likes to write poems? I think she would love this one. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on my last Wildflower Wednesday post.

Shady Gardener said...


I am sorry that I just saw this comment!! This poem was written by Laura Elizabeth Richards. I am sorry I didn't give her credit!!!