Monday, June 30, 2008

A Couple of Great Green Leaves!

I visited Gail at Clay and Limestone today. She's posted about her favorite greens. Frances at Faire Garden has also posted a "Green Post." This is in response to an event begun for this day, June 30, by Emma at A Nice Green Leaf. Emma's site is a new one for me, but I decided to join in and create this post! :-)
Taken May 21 at my niece's home.
This is one bleeding heart I don't own....
but that could change! ;-)

The variety of leaves (greenery) in a garden are often just as wonderful as the flowers!
The photo below was taken May 29 of an unnamed astilbe, unfurling its leaves.
Can anyone help me ID this plant?
I'm swept away by the red edges on the leaves.

These next three photos were taken June 8.
This first one is of part of my sunnyish front yard corner bed.
We can contrast the leaves of the iris and daylily plants to those of the sedum and the catmint. You might also notice the fallen leaves of a daffodil in the top left corner. ;-)

This is a close-up of my Blueberry Muffin Viburnum.
I planted it last Spring in the backyard, and this year it's blooming!
(The birds join me in anticipating the berries.)
Here we have a "Sugar and Cream" hosta, a sedum, daylilies,
asiatic and oriental lilies, a columbine (way back there),and a fewtulip leaves. :-)

Photos of these hostas were taken June 16.
At the top left you can see "August Moon" hosta and "Iron Butterfly" tiarella on the right.
There's a corner of "Golden Tiara" hosta on the right and in front...
gorgeous hosta "sieboldiana Elegans."
(I found it on the original planting map!)

Do you know who this is? A beautiful
hosta that was already here when I arrived. :-)

Isn't there always more?
But, I've been hauling dirt today.
I'm enjoying the rest!

The shade was buggy today! IVG left me a nice suggestion as to a mosquito/gnat eliminating spray in my earlier post. Check it out! I know I'm going to!


Northern Shade said...

I like the astilbe leaf with the red border, but I don't know its name. The blue hosta with the textured leaves is also very appealing.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hey Shady,
Duh, I was going to ID that as an Astilbe, lol. Then I saw you didn't know which one, what I dolt I can be sometimes. These are great examples of green, and though I'm hosta phobic, I do have to admit they do come in some lovely shades of green. I'd like to hear more about your Viburnum sometime in a post ... that's one of those plants we've kind of been interested in, but haven't really learned much about them. We went with hollies instead, lol. You could do those, you know :-)

shirl said...

Hi there, great to see some more green leaves :-D

Yep.. it agree it's an astilbe but I would guess an ID form a leaf woulf be tricky. If you post its flower and the leaf maybe someone could help you out :-)

Ah... yes I too am a hosta fan :-D

Have a great week :-D

Meems said...

Hi Shady,
the hosta foliage always amazes me they are so varied and lush... we can't grow them down here so I admire them from afar!


Gail said...

Hey there,

How did I miss you..I thought I came by to see you on Monday! Aren't you sweet to have a link to me!

I haven't the faintest idea about the astilbe, but the leaves are wonderful.

It is hard to beat Viburnums isn't it? That is a variety I haven't seen before....hmmm and how much water does he need?

Not a fan of Hosta either, though I do like the ones that have a sweet fragrance...and now big seersucker leaves!

have a wonderful dfay!


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I'm glad you finally were able to ID that big blue. Sieboldiana 'Elegans' is such a great Hosta. And that Astilbe foliage is fantastic. I hope you can ID it. Maybe post photos of the flowers too. Of course I probably can't grow it. Most Astilbes struggle in my garden.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Northern Shade,
I'm so glad you visited. I stopped by to see you and will return again. :-)

IVG, Hi! I'm really interested in providing for the birds, and the viburnum are very good at that! I also planted a pagoda dogwood last year that will do the same. :-) It's beautiful!! I'm going to show you a few more lovely hosta this summer! ;-)

Shirl, I will watch for blossoms. Thanks for stopping.

Meems, Hello! Glad you visited.

Hi Gail, I haven't watered anything much at all, due to all the rain we've received. But I have an idea I'd better get out there and give these new bushes and tree a good drink tomorrow!!

MMD, Me, too! There are about three Sieboldiana "Elegans" around here that are wonderful! I hope to see some flowers Very Soon on that Astilbe, as most of them have bloomed already. :-) They tell me if I can grow hosta, I can grow astilbe (or the other way around?)

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the greens and loved the 'Blueberry Muffin'!

Shady Gardener said...

Deb, of course I enjoy Real Blueberry Muffins! ;-)