Friday, June 13, 2008

My Neighbor's Yard is a Little Less Shady!

Around 6:00 P.M. last night,
the wind began to blow,
the rain fell in semi-opaque sheets, and
it began to hail pea-size hailstones.

We went downstairs.

Wow! About 15 minutes later, it had nearly quit.
Looking out from the basement window,
it appeared a large branch had fallen from one of our trees!
However, when we'd gone outdoors to investigate,
this is what we saw:

It was a neighbor's tree. It had fallen across the street in front
of our yard. I called the Kris and Russ (on the left) to warn them
that they might not be able to get to their house.
Then I called Rick and Rachel and their sons
"to see if they had hot dogs and marshmallows!" ;-)

It stopped short of the flower bed in front of our house,And it bordered this flowerbed, without entering it!

Below you'll hear the sounds of "Dueling Chainsaws"

These first three photos show a tree that was downed
by the wind and storm at the other end of our neighborhood.
Kris stood on the trunk for perspective (sorry it's not
a clear photo, Kris, because I'd kept open the camera lens,
due to the ensuing evening darkness).

The evening's question at Camp Hope was always,
"How have you seen the Lord at work today?"
We witnessed it daily at our work sites,
and we experienced His provision this evening.


Anonymous said...


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

We had quite the storm in the middle of last night. (Probably the same one you had.) It woke me up. This morning, my neighbor was at the door to tell me that 2 of my trees had fallen & 1 was on his power line! They were crummy Boxelders, but what a mess. The power company came out & clear only what was on the line. Tonight, after dinner, DH & I will haul the down trees onto our property & then it's chainsaw time for us too. Like your garden's escape, mine was unscathed as the trees fell away from the garden. Yay!

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Sorry to hear about those trees, Shady (and MMD too)! We've had a few branches come down from our big maple, but nothing like that! I'm glad your new beds escaped any damage. We finally had a dry and peaceful night last night for once lately. Shady are you having flooding down your way? No one seems to be covering much from your part of the state.

bobbie said...

I hate to see trees go down, but am happy to hear that no one and nothing was hurt by it. There is always something to be grateful for.

Dellits said... sister was in her basement in Traer and thought that her house was being lifted...she was so scared...glad you and your neighbor's are all right.

troutbirder said...

wow... no trees down here in s.e.Minn. but water water everywhere.

Shady Gardener said...

Karen, That's what I said, too! ;-)

Your trees look much larger than my neighbor's trees that fell. I'm happy for you that your flower beds were unscathed! :-)

IVG, We've had plenty of rain and the river beds are full. Water from "up north" was supposed to make the crest today or tomorrow, I think. We visited Keosauqua yesterday afternoon. They have a lot of water, but I don't think it'll reach 1993 stage... but, it will depend on whether more rain falls or not. All Iowa farmers are probably waiting for the fields to dry. My heart hurts for the many, many flood victims.

Bobbi, You're so right. And adversity can result in blessings we wouldn't discover until we go through it.

Dellits, How is your sister??? Tornadoes are Very frightening!!

Troutbirder, Are homes being flooded there, also? Have you experienced the tornadoes, too?
My parents are in Clear Lake. Mason City has struggled for quite awhile, now.

Anonymous said...

I, too, am glad that everyone's OK and that the beds were spared. You folks are having such a prolonged bad spell of weather - it's all over the news, as well as the expected losses in corn crops. Love that closing photo ~ Deb