Wednesday, February 24, 2010

F for Fair-ness!

Shall we discuss "Fair-ness?" Let's!

One definition of the word fair is beautiful. It fits everything in this post.

Part of my front-of-the-house garden

In front of the lattice with the water walkway.
(I do tread on this little walk periodically, but it was constructed to direct rainwater away from the house.)

A glimpse of my backyard from the Woodland Walk
Another part of my backyard...
Another definition of fair is promise... to illustrate this meaning, you can see the contrast and purpose for change below.

One more view of a backyard garden that changed from 2008 (left photo) to 2009 (right photo) - click on them to compare. :-) I moved the Dappled Willow 'Salix integra' and replaced it with Hydrangea 'Quick Fire' - giving the DW a little more bright light. Click on the photos for nice enlargements, so you can see the changes for yourself. :-)

Now, another definition of fair is impartial. In the spirit of impartiality, I give you an example of how "Everything Might Grow Better in My Neighbor's Yards."

First, meet a couple of Friends located in the same shady neighborhood!
(wish I had photos of others' gardens!)

Dixie's Garden

Chris' Garden
(forgive my blurry photo)

Now - Friends in town.

Susie's Garden
Nancy H's Garden

Meet my friend that may have begun the 'gardening movement' in town years ago!
This is her berm...

Dorothy's Garden

looking at the top of the berm

A Friend on the way to town and back home again.

Suzanne's Garden

A gardening friend on the other side of town,

Kris' Garden

A couple of Friends in our little, local garden club

Nancy's Garden
(the photos of which will be changing, as they recently moved)

Joan's Garden

Kathy's Garden

Now... presenting


Dad and Mom's Garden

Our Daughter and Son-in-law and their childrens' garden

Our Son and Daughter-in-law and their childrens' garden
(note the markers - last Summer's project!)

Aunt MEA's Garden

Marilyn's Garden

My sister Barb's Front Garden
This stands for Fond memories.

And I've had a Fantastic time reminiscing about visits and walks through these gardens... Wish I could pick a Fistful of Flowers... but the time will soon come. For now, we continue to Forge through Winter's Fleet of Snow.


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Gail said...

Shady, So many beautiful gardens including yours. You are so fortunate to have good gardening friends....gail

Rosemary said...

Loved the tour of the gardens, in the midst of winter and yearning for spring , brings a hint of hope for the warm weather to come.

Kathleen said...

I agree with Gail ~ you are lucky to have so many friends (and family) with beautiful gardens. Hardly any of my friends garden! I'm always trying to convince them too. It's a bit strange to look at all the summer flowers with your snowflakes falling over top of them tho!! Good thing that doesn't happen in real life, right?!!!

Kate said...

F also equals fantastic fun stuff! What a great garden tour. That little outhouse made me giggle. You have a fab group of flowers, family and friends. Thanks for this one. :)

Randy Emmitt said...

All look pretty good. I like Kathy's garden the best it looks like a meadow.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Gail, Fortunate indeed (real friends as well as my internet blogging friends!) ;-)

Hi Rosemary... not so many days 'til Spring (offically, on the calendar at least!). :-)

Kathleen, Ha! I hesitate to take off the falling snow, as it's going to happen a few more times before Spring around here. ;-) I am fortunate... surely there are a few folks with green thumbs?

Hi Kate! Would you believe that little outhouse was once a functioning outhouse? Check out "Eleanor Outhouses" on a google-search!

Hi Randy, Isn't it so great that we all have different approaches to both gardening and life? There's just something that appeals to each of us in any or all of the gardens... whether through our "real" friends or our blogging buddies! :-)

sweet bay said...

You know a lot of gardeners! What lovely pictures and a lovely tour.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

What incredibly beautiful pictures from a stunning array of gardens.

Roger Owen Green said...

you have a real talent that I sorely lack.

Thanks from the ABC Wednesday team! - Ramblin' with Roger

Jim Groble said...

Wow, Wow,and Wow. Really neat pics. jim

Shady Gardener said...

sweet bay, Gardeners are all around! Thanks for visiting.

Hi Rebecca, Thanks on behalf of everyone! :-)

Hi Roger, Sometimes what one lacks is something he/she has never tried! :-) Thanks for your visit.

Hi Jim, Don't I have great inspiration? (Both in real life and on-line!) Thanks for your visit. :-)

troutbirder said...

What a collection of beautiful gardens. I also "label" my gardens and the woodland walks are my favorites.

Cameron said...

Your garden is definitely beautiful and fair!

It is fun to see the "tour" of the gardens of your friends and family.


Rose said...

What a treat to see all these beautiful blooms this morning, Shady! I'm sure you had fun doing this, too, instead of looking at more snow outside:) How lucky you are to have so many gardening friends and family members who enjoy gardening. Other than my mother, my family tends to get glazed looks in their eyes when I start talking gardens:)

Anonymous said...

A simply FABULOUS post, SG. I was Fawning over every Foto.

Noelle said...

Well, your neighbor's gardens are just so beautiful, but I do have to say that I am partial to your woodland walk. I'm not being fair am I? ;^)

Shady Gardener said...

Hi troutbirder, Our yards and gardens exist in similar surroundings. I love the woodland walks, too. :-)

Thanks for visiting, Cameron.

Hi Rose, Just think of us when you post... we don't glaze over (at least not most of the time!) ha. ;-)

Grace, Thanks! You, Fair maiden, are fearfully and wonderfully made... and so is YOUR garden! :-)

jo©o said...

What an elaborate post.
So full of different types of atmosphere. Lovely to go on this 'open garden' tour with you.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Joco! You have to see some of these gardens to believe them! A couple or so of them have been in existence for a number of years (that gives me a little leeway!) ha. Thanks for coming along. :-)

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

I love the woodland walkway! I'm getting ideas for my own shady garden.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Jackie, I need to visit you! I've been kinda' busy lately... sorry. If I can ever be inspirational or offer help, just let me know! I love being inspired by everyone else. :-)

Cheryl said...

From that angle our garden dosen't look half bad...

Shady Gardener said...

Isn't that great? ;-) It's NOT half bad! lol.