Friday, May 14, 2010

Floriferous Friday

Few Words - it's getting late!
(I'll add their proper names tomorrow)

Dwarf Polemonium
'White Pearl'
(the first I've ever had return - and now it's blooming!)

Pasque flower 'Anemone pulsatilla'
-seed heads

Meadow Rue

Coral Bells





coral bells

iris in front of nepata


siberian iris (planted last year - blooming already this year!)

We enjoyed a day of sunshine today - with temps that reached the high 60's (F)!!
All this after nearly two weeks of (very) cold temps and overcast/rainy weather.

Have a Great Weekend!!


Noelle said...

All of your flowers are gorgeous, but I just love the brightly colored lupine :-)

Northern Shade said...

The deep pink coral bells really show up well against those nice, fat Hosta leaves. I love the blue of the Siberian iris, and those yellow ones pair so nicely with the blue Nepeta.

Do you have have problems with mildew on your Polemonium? I've had to remove mine from my last two gardens because of persistent mildew.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Such beautiful flowers! I especially like the sea thrift and the blue Irises are gorgeous.

jo©o said...

Hiya Shady,
You stole a march on GBBD :-)
Floriferous alright. I like the way you have included a bit of background with the close-ups. Gives a real perspective.
Polemonium in white is interesting.
And that first bearded iris is so ethereal.
Is that a bend in the road or still part of your garden in the Siberian Iris photo?
Nosey Jo :-)

VW said...

Ooh, enjoy your good weather a pretty blooms! We're happy to have temps in the 70's this weekend before it cools down and rains next week.

Shady Gardener said...

Noelle, Lupine are a favorite from long ago. They are biennial, but usually re-seed plentifully. (If you leave the seed heads on the plants, you can help them along by cutting them off and laying them on the ground at the end of the season!) :-)

Northern, Just think about what you have to look forward to! :-) Well, I'm hoping there will be no mildew on the polemonium. Perhaps I should get something to ward off mildew?? I need to do that for a couple of my phlox.

Hi Rebecca. Iris are really pretty. I'm beginning to appreciate them more, again. They do multiply quickly, though... and for that reason, one must be ready to share!! (Want a couple of tubers?)

Hi Nosey Jo! ;-) It's a bend in the road... but it's a branch off the main road that leads to the rest of the homes here. We have one neighbor on the other side of us... and that is where this little drive leads.

Hi VW! Thanks for your visit. I believe we're supposed to receive a bit of rain again tomorrow, but that's okay. I've relocated a couple of unhappy plants today, and will plant a couple of new ones yet. Mr. Shady was SO kind and brought home a Beautiful (yes!) load of mulch today. :-)

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

You have so many pretty blooms. I really love the iris and catmint together. Does the white Polemonium smell like grapes the way the purple ones do?

The Garden Ms. S said...

Meadowrue and lupines - two of the sweetest plants!. Glad to see your garden is thriving and providing so many gorgeous blooms. :)

troutbirder said...

I take it the pasque flowers are domesticated? The wild ones are getting harder and harder to find around here.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

I didn't realize irises multiplied rampantly. I planted some for the first time last summer. I'd love some of your tubers, but am probably too far. :(

joey said...

Such a beautiful post, Shady . You must be delighted!

Gail said...

Hello Dear Shady, I love the word floriferous. Did I just spell that right! Sixty sounds good to me~We've been in the 80' Btw, your flowers are lovely. gail

Kathleen said...

Even tho you said it had been cold lately, it had to have been warm at some point ~ you've jumped way ahead of us!! No lupines blooming here yet or iris or... you get the idea!
It's very floriferous for sure ~ just gorgeous.

Nutty Gnome said...

Beautiful flowers Shady - you're a bit ahead of us this year. I think a couple of weeks where it went really cold again has slowed everything down!

Shady Gardener said...

Catherine, I forgot to check the polemonium again today! I'm headed outdoors right now... Yes. I believe that's a good description of the aroma. I hope it re-seeds! :-)

Garden Ms. S, This is a wonderful Spring. I'm enjoying everything so much. It's all very lush and beautiful. Praises!! :-)

troutbirder, yes these are hybrids. Would you like to order some authentic pasque seeds?

Rebecca, I'd be very happy to send you a few!! Just let me know. :-)

Thanks, Joey. I would venture to guess that you're not far behind up there! :-)

Hi Gail, I'll wait for the 80's. ;-) Isn't this a Wonderful Spring?

Hi Kathleen, I have agreed to be on the local Garden Tour (June 13).. I do home something will still be blooming! :-)

Hi Liz, We're early for here, too. ha. But no matter when things grow and flourish, we're always ready for it and we're always Happy about it. :-) Thanks for your visit. Aren't you feeling a bit too busy to be online very long??