Thursday, May 27, 2010

Have You Ever Seen Such a Thing?

Frankly, some of us are having "words."

It all began when I caught a couple of our (yours and mine) garden friends in the corner talking earnestly, but quietly. They thought I hadn't seen them, but they were wrong.

I edged a bit closer, but then I noticed . . .

. . . that Hazel and Harry were in the room.

They are so easy-going. It couldn't be too bad, could it??

"Shady, be a dear," said Gladys - bosom buddy of mine that she is. "Please tell those two that it's not polite to whisper."

(My friend Gladys Gardener)
"Gladys," I said. "Are you talking about your friends Bertha Penelope and Agnes?"

"Yes, I am," Gladys replied. "I cannot believe they'd think I had anything to do with that . . . those . . . Things out there."

Oh, my. I was quite at a loss of words. "Dear friend, Gladys, you might say I'm in the dark, but I have No Idea what's happening."

(Enter Bertha)
"Shady, let me explain. We were walking through your yard this morning when we noticed something quite unusual. In fact, neither Agnes nor I had ever seen such a thing before."

(Enter Agnes)
"Yes, Shady. And we thought . . . well, we imagined . . . I mean, we would Never Hurt Gladys' feelings, but she is Quite The Gardener. After all, she's been gardening a LOT longer than we have . . . and we just thought she'd done it. That's all."

Done what??? I thought

(Enter Francine Weidermore)
"And Shady. We know you and Gladys have been friends for a long time. Couldn't you just talk to her? After all, we just want to know what has happened in your flower beds. They're the craziest things . . . and we just want to know what they are."

(Enter Matilda Marie)
"My sweet girlfriends, can you tell us what you've seen? I don't believe Shady has any idea there's something happening in her flower beds . . . and for that matter, neither does it seem that Gladys knows what you're discussing. I think we should take a look. After all, we are ALL good gardening friends, are we not?"

I thought perhaps I should give Matilda a hug. What a sweetheart.

(Enter Myrtle Underkirker)
"Who in the world DOES know what's going on around here? What in the world HAS happened in Shady's gardens? Can we just stop beating around the bush and talk about this? Or do we need to go outdoors? Oh, for heaven's sakes. You might think we're a bunch of earthworms!"

You can't beat around the bush while Myrtle is here! Earthworms?? ;-)

It was decided. We all stood up to go outdoors.

. . . to be continued

(slightly "Shady") ha.


Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

hahaha. I can honestly say I've never seen such a thing!

Anonymous said...

Too funny. I remember seeing these in an old country store when I was little.

jo©o said...

Such a hoot!

I reckon you and your flesh 'n blood friends, ought to take these on tour. You'd be a raving success over here: the W.I. (Women's Institute) groups would adore a visit.

It is getting up there with the Muppets and "Spitting Image".

bobbie said...

I LOVE your garden friends!

Cameron said...

Wonderful! LOL

Kyna said...

Wow...those are kind of cool, and a little frightening at the same time LOL

I also thought of 'Spitting Image' when I first saw those...

NellJean said...

Marvelous Garden Friends! The year I had Garden Friends sitting in the glider in the Upper Garden, one of our neighbors stopped by one day and said, "June and I drove through the other day when we saw you sitting in the yard. When you didn't speak, we drove on."

I still have their heads packed away in a box. Is that Macabre? The new dog would never let them be.

Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...'re losing it !! lol

Shady Gardener said...

Thanks, all. ;-) I'm now working on "the rest of the story..." lol.

Kyna, All in the form of Garden Whimsy. ;-)

NellJean, That's a riot! Not Macabre... you'll have to air them out and remake them!

You're probably right, Patsi! :-) There's not been much time for creativity these days! ha.

Shady Gardener said...

PS: My garden is to be one of five that are featured as the local Annual Garden Tour. It takes place Sunday, June 13. We have a period of 5 days between now and then that we're to be out of town and here and there, so that means... Yipes! ha.

Perhaps part of that wish list may get finished and/or begun? We'll see.

I may or may not be losing it, but there's not been enough time for "creativity" lately! ha. Well... at least not in the computer realm.

Anonymous said...

Cute! I'll be posting my gardening/landscaping adventures this afternoon!

Shady Gardener said...

Great!! I'll be over to see what you're doing. :-)