Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Birds and Blooms?

Please accept my apology for this and other blurry photos. They're all taken at various times and various circumstances through the kitchen window.

The Baltimore Orioles have returned!

Below, the male.
They like my hummingbird feeders,
because I removed the feeder ports.

The next day, the female . . . who stopped someone short!

Little golden Goldfinch friends.

Last night (5:40 P.M.) as the sun was setting,
the female Baltimore Oriole returned.

As did one of the many, many hummers we've enjoyed!

The sun's glow (?)

Nothing shady here, yet.

Don't forget to stop in tomorrow for the post honoring Grandparent's Day. Sid the Science Kid is very involved and would like people to view his upcoming sessions in honor of Grandparents everywhere! :-)


Darla said...

We have Goldfinches in the winter and I love them. Hummers almost year round and they are funny to watch too.

Rosemary said...

Totally forgive the photo quality. Loved seeing the orioles. What a pleasure to have these and all the birds visit your Shady garden.

Nutty Gnome said...

How lovely to catch up on your blog, see the birds, the flowers and share the pleasure of the playhouse Shady!
It's nice to be home again! :)

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Sometimes, it's not important to take techinially perfect photos, it's important to take "that moment" photos. Love 'em all.

Rosey said...

When do the hummingbirds leave your area? We are getting ready to say goodbye soon to ours. I miss their antics when they go.

I still liked your photos, even if they were blurry. Most of my bird photos turn out like that.

Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

Didn't know other birds like sugar water.
Been seeing our hummers less lately,I know the feeders have to come down in 2 weeks,so sad.

joey said...

If I were I bird, I know where I'd visit, dear Shady :)

jo©o said...

Hiya Shady,

Never mind the quality: feel the fun.
Now I understand the red cardinal picture in your side bar :-)
The last photo in the post has a wonderful alien look. Wish we had hummingbirds.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Darla, We have Goldfinches in the Winter, too. However, their bright yellow plumage changes to a dunn color. I'd imagine yours stay bright yellow?

We also only have ruby-throated hummingbirds here. I'd imagine you might have other varieties?

Thanks, Rosemary. :-) It is fun to see the changes... how about you??

Hi Liz! I'll have to pop over to see what you've been up to. Nice to have you back. :-)

Hello Gardener. I checked out your site and enjoyed your rainy video. We received one inch of rain last night. It had begun to dry out around here, so I didn't have to water, either! :-)

Hi Rosey, I suspect they'll leave before very long. They're still zipping around pretty "furiously" right now, though! Entertaining for sure. :-)

Patsi, I actually put out oranges and grape jelly for the Orioles, but they caught me unawares. Yes, they've been at these feeders before, so I don't really have to worry about them!

Hi Joey! You ARE a cute little bird - so come visit. :-)

Hi Jo, You really would enjoy hummingbirds. Have you ever "clicked" on that red cardinal picture? I couldn't take it (or the link) off the blog. ha.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I enjoyed vicariously the hummers and Baltimore Oriole visits. I didn't know Baltimore Orioles liked hummingbird food. I envy your ability to capture hummers with a camera.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi, MMD! You could, too... you take great photos. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shady, I love your visitors. I hope they stay around.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Grace, The goldfinches stay nearly all year (esp. all Winter!). The hummers will migrate to a warmer clime before long. :-)

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

Very neat! I'm not sure that we ever get orioles down here. It would be cool to see a few.

Kate said...

Fab photos, one and all, Shady! Baltimore Orioles! Lucky you. :))

Shady Gardener said...

Dave, They are beautiful! Too bad my camera was downstairs by the computer this morning. The male was very (flashily) right in front of the window!

Thanks, Kate!! Our neighbor had a nest (that they located) right beside their driveway once. I was able to spot it and later watch the fledglings climb the branches before they flew. Great experience!! :-)