Friday, September 3, 2010

Garden Bloggers' Muse Day - September 2010

This is one of my favorite "Muse" topics. I'm sorry I'm a couple of days late.

The Ways of Living Things

There is wonder past all wonder
in the ways of living things,
in a worm's intrepid wriggling,
in the song a blackbird sings,

In the grandeur of an eagle
and the fury of a shark,
in the calmness of a tortoise
on a meadow in the dark,

In the splendor of a sea gull
as it plummets from the sky,
in the incandescent shimmer
of a noisy dragonfly,

In a heron, still and silent
underneath a crescent moon,
in a butterfly emerging
from its silver-spun cocoon.

In a fish's joyful splashing,
in a snake that makes no sound,
in the smallest salamander
there is wonder to be found.

by Jack Prelutsky

Living Things - a Miracle in Motion!
:-) Happy Muse Day!

Please join Carolyn Gail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago. Garden Blogger's Muse Day (about my favorite thing in which to participate) is her brainchild!


Cameron said...

Seeing all the butterflies this year is a great reminder of why I garden in tough times .... 78 days of temperatures above 90 degrees. Will be 99 today; no rain in the last couple of weeks.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Cameron, You've been struggling, haven't you? Hopefully you'll be receiving rain soon.

Sunita said...

I love this poem. And the photo!

Noelle said...

I never tire of the miracle of a lowly caterpillar evolving into a beautiful butterfly :-)

Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

How did you do that with the butterfly ? Super capture!

Carolyn Gail said...

Wow, super shot of the butterfly, Shady. Thanks so much for adding such a lovely musing to September's Garden Bloggers' Muse Day.

Rosemary said...

Musing I am who on earth did you get such a good photo.

catmint said...

lovely post Shady, photo and poem. I looked at one of your other blogs, for your grandchildren. I am considering doing something similar. So far I have written and illustrated (with photos) 2 personalized books but nothing is like a blog for keeping lots of material together and you can't lose it. cheers, catmint

Rose said...

A lovely poem for Muse Day, Shady. I'm familiar with some of Prelutsky's poems, usually funny ones that the kids enjoyed, but I like his serious side here. Great photo of the Monarch! They're usually so shy.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I love that poem, and was surprised when I saw that Prelutsky wrote it. That's a cool photo of the monarch, too.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Sunita, What a nice surprise to have you visit again. :-) Thanks!

Noelle, One of the most wonderful miracles, wouldn't you agree?

Patsi, My granddaughters had watched a Monarch lay its eggs on their Swamp Milkweed. From there, they watched the tiny caterpillars grow. Then they placed a larger one in a jar with plenty of fresh leaves... eventually it created its chrysalis. This photo was taken just moments after the butterfly had hatched. It was still wet and "stretching." :-)

Hi Carolyn, (YOU know how I feel about your muse!) :-)

Hi Rosemary, check out the comment I wrote Patsi above.

Catmint, You would definitely enjoy writing a blog specifically for your grandchildren. (THEY will love it, too!!) :-) (I make them photo books, too...) ha. It sounds as though we think alike when it comes to our grandchildren!

Hi Rose, The girls had a wonderful experience with this Monarch (check out my comment to Patsi, above). Little brother (3 1/2) was in awe, also. :-)

Hi Sue, You're right. We usually think of Jack Prelutsky as having a wacky sense of humor, so it was great to find a few of his more serious poems!

troutbirder said...

My sentiments exactly. Thanks. :)

Shady Gardener said...

Hi troutbirder... ;-) You're welcome!