Saturday, June 11, 2011

Green Thumb Sunday - June 12, 2011

Miniature rose

Campanula 'Supurba' "Clustered Bellflower

My new "Guard Snail!"

Yep, it looks as though he has designs on that little gaillardia daisy!

Seedlings started from 'Fanfare' last year.
(Two different "looks.")

"I Spy!"


Gerbera Daisy from a friend.

Some of my hosta have begun to bloom! How about yours??


Randy Emmitt said...

Just love the snail, we need one in our garden! Your garden is looking great!

Grace said...

Yep. My hostas are starting to bloom too. Love the snail and how you have it placed next to the Gallardia. Gorgeous Gerbera!

Netty said...

Love that Campanula - what a gorgeous color! I'm still waiting for Hosta blooms, but I'm sure it won't be long now.

Cottage Dome said...

Beautiful garden! I love the little snail.

Jim Groble said...

Great looking garden. None of our hosta are blooming yet.Love the snail.

Rosemary said...

Your garden is abundant with blooms .. Coral bells are putting on quite the show.........That snail is just scary in size...

Patsi said...

Hostas here look like they will bloom in a week or so.
Love the snail..too cute!
Your bellflowers really caught my eye.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Randy, Thanks! You have to know that I didn't take you to the Raised Beds where the stones are running rampant with weeds... nor did I take you to the easterly berm where it's begging Way Overgrown! ;-)

Hi Grace, :-)

Netty, That campanula, while extremely vibrant in color and beautiful, is extremely "vigorous!" You have to set boundaries!!

Cottage Dome, If you could visit an art fair and/or Farmer's Market with artwork... you could have your own snail! :-)

Hi Jim, You would love this snail, for sure! You have to know that my ligularia are looking pretty good this year!! Last year's seedlings, thanks to you! :-)

Hi Rosemary, I wanted to show you those coral bells!! This is supposed to be my "guard snail." Perhaps he'll scare away the slugs?

Hi Patsi, I love watching things grow! Actually, I love the fact that some of these plants (hosta, for example) are so good about taking care of themselves!! :-)

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

What beautiful blooms, the mini rose is so vibrant. Your new snail is charming, I have been eyeing a similar one for a few weeks now...

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Rebecca, Did I "push you over the edge?" Will you be purchasing your own Guard Snail? ;-)

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I love that bellflower. You have it in a good spot where it can't take over the garden.

Your guard snail is a cutie!

You asked if I got any ideas from the gardens I toured. I didn't write anything down, but finding out that jack in the pulpit and mayapples will grow here made me want to find room for them, probably across the street..

Green Thumb Gardening said...

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Shady Gardener said...

Hi Sue, I'm glad you visited! I have mayapples... wonder if I could find seeds for you? I've been eye-ing jacks-in-the-pulpit for awhile. Mr. Shady hasn't been convinced to let me dig one from his woodlands... Perhaps I could find seeds over there, if I could locate the plant. (If I do, I'll send you some!)

Hi Green Garden, I'm always on the lookout for tips myself. :-)