Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ABC Wednesday - "E"

I'm going to feature one of my friends whose name begins with the letter E,
and another Iowa public garden!



Ewing Park Lilac Arboretum, 
5300 Indianola Road,
Des Moines, Iowa
(click on the title to link to their website)

Click on this link to view photos by a Ewing Park "Fan!"

Another park I hope to visit sometime this summer.

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Roger Owen Green said...

There's a Turtles song Eleanore - "gee, I think you're swell...you're my pride and joy et cet'ra."
Now EARWORMED into my brain.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Leslie: said...

I wish my garden would look so good! Excellent post.

abcw team

Meryl said...

Spectacular bloom!

ChrisJ said...

I'm not a gardener, but I love to visit blogs whose owners are.

Jedediah said...

I have the same earworm as Roger now. Lovely gardens and the cactus looks great.

Ms. Burrito said...

So pretty!

E is for Entertainment, please come and see.

chubskulit said...

Eleanor is new to me but it's pretty.

Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Shady Gardener said...

Hello, all. Thank you for your encouraging comments. :-) How about the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby?" lol


What a pretty park. Love the blooming cactus too.