Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Flat-Ware Friday! ;-)

I'll provide a link to my upcoming "tutorial" soon, but for now...


The outcome of a Fun Workshop this evening!
Members of our little local Garden Club enjoyed a couple of hours' fun.

Flattened flatware 
(I'll soon turn up those curly tines a bit more, to close each loop.)
You might like to consider making this project, too.

While all flatware will offer a semblance of music,
creating one of these is Best done with Silver or Silver-plated flatware.
(Silver is more malleable.)

Now, that being said, look for one fork from which to hang your windchime,
and four more utensils for the chime itself.

Fun times!


Clint Baker said...

I have seen people take spoons and make garden markers out of them!

Shady Gardener said...

That's an interesting idea, too, Clint. :-)

Angela said...

Great idea. I have tons of flatware not being used and now I can give them a new life. Thanks.