Thursday, March 22, 2012

Can't Keep Up With Memes Right Now!

A few "fun things" that happened outdoors today!

Checkered Lily

 PJM Rhododendron  
(An especially slow-grower in the shade)

PMJ Rhododendron by the Driveway!
Nice Evening Sky

Hope you enjoyed your day!


Andrea said...

OMG that lily is so very unusual, i wonder why i haven't seen it in others' blogs! It looks artificial, how i wish it grows in the tropics.!!!

Rose said...

I totally agree with your title, Shady! Everything is moving along so fast this spring that I don't seem to have time to take photos of it all, let alone write a blog post. I miss visiting everyone as much as I usually do, but I suppose one of these we'll have some rainy days, allowing us all to catch our breath and catch up. Love the frittalary!

troutbirder said...

I think we're maybe a month ahead of the season and you must be 10 days ahead of us... Strange spring.

Suz said...

oh I love that checkered lily

Prairie Cat said...

Oh how neat! I have never seen such a pattern before on a lily.