Sunday, March 11, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

... Brings us five new words... if you'd like to see posts by other participants 
or to participate yourself, click this link.

Deluge at a picnic in Atlanta, GA - Summer 2009

and during a family hike today

(or light years?)

Homemade candy being made at Piper's Candies, using the same recipe since 1947.  
The store has been family owned since 1905.  (link here)

"Somebody" lives here... there's clearly a trail to the doorway...

Helleborus seedlings (photo taken yesterday)


Casa Mariposa said...

How does the scavenger hunt work?? As for water, I bought a few pots that don't have drainage holes in them, or I just didn't drill holes, and am using them for little water gardens on my patio. I tried it last year with Louisiana iris and it worked great.

Ashley Sisk said...

Great set - love your 2nd shot.

Shady Gardener said...

I'm sorry! I forgot to include the link this week. Updated now... you might like to try this!!

(I like your Water idea... certainly worth a try!) said...

Love your water shot!

donna said...

Luv seeing kids play in the rain and adults should do it more often.

Please pass the chocolate. Their recipe is a year older than me. lol

troutbirder said...

Interesting candy. Can I set my GPS to go get some. That would make Mrs. T day (being addicted to that stuff and ice cream.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Donna! ;-)

troutbirder, You can look up Piper's Candy on line. They ship all around the world... even with as few people that work there. All homemade and Very Delicious!! True chocolate.


Love the baby Hellebores! That first photo, however is amazing. Those kids running around in the rain is just precious. I love it!