Friday, May 25, 2007

Gardeners Need Support, too.

Yesterday I planted a peony. I'd felt the need for one all Spring. I just didn't know where to plant it.

After having worked with a particular 4-feet-in-diameter bed in the raised bed garden, by removing its walls and s
oil, re-seating the walls, working and replacing the soil, scraping the walkway pebbles around the exterior (for support) etc., the bed was ready for its new resident.

Her name is Sarah Bernhardt.
I think she's supposed to be a Stately Matron. I hope she's happy with her new environment. Will she bloom this year??

Everybody received a special dose of support yesterday... in the form of a good, 3/4" rainfall.

And I finally acknowledged the desire for some n'erhad
before support, the likes of which I've not needed until today. After having hauled those three terribly heavy, cumbersome tarp-loads of wet oak leaves across the front yard, through the backyard and trees to the ravine, I'd been experiencing some painful wrist movement. So... I needed some support today, too.

It happens "to the best of us!" ;-)

I'm not complaining... don't want to be a Sarah Bernhardt. Oh! I hope I didn't just "jinx" my new peony. I wonder which of the two of us might have the most to complain about? Hope it's not Sarah B!

Your Shady Gardener


Dellits said...

Send some rainfall our way! It's been wonderful warm, perfect weather, but we need some nightly rains. I finally got the rest of my summer flowers in this week. I tried some new ones in my containers and they didn't work, so I went back to petunias in my pots which did GREAT last year. I'll have to get the pics up! Good luck to your peony!

Shady Gardener said...

If I could send the rain, I surely would! It's been drizzling and making noise all morning. Nothing drastic, but that's the nicest part about it.

You'll enjoy your petunias. They are wonderfully bright and "perky pots." I have a couple of hanging containers in front. :-)

Dellits said...

They smell just as great as I remember. They are in containers right as you walk in our front door, so they smell wonderful whenever I'm going in or out!