Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thoroughly Modern Mona

Mona (alias Mona Lisa) made her debut this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. CT. The gallery, where she will reside for the next couple of days, was not open when I parked the car. Mona sat in the front passenger seat, waiting as I walked to the hardware store and back. When I returned, two fellows were peeking in the car windows at her. (Making eyes at Mona, I thought!) They seemed full of admiration; seemingly having a great time.

As I approached, they acknowledged my presence. I acknowledged theirs. They asked if I had created Mona. I replied, "Yes." That's about it. Mona had certainly made her presence known.

So we went into the gallery, when it opened . . . Mona and I. We found a little space in which she could settle comfortably. I filled out the forms and paid a small stipend. And now I'm home.

Of course, I hadn't been prepared to be witty about her name. Just "Mona Lisa" was all I wrote. However, she's much more... she's quite "moderne," don't you think? Shouldn't I change her name to "Thoroughly Modern Mona?" That seems to suit her much better!

As far as gardening goes, I don't expect to see her mukking around in the mud. I would assume she's a bystander. However, I'm sure she'll want to be seated in the shade. Probably with Gladys. (And I, least of all, won't begrudge her that.)

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