Monday, May 21, 2007


May 21, 2007

This day was wonderful...all the way through.

At 7:00 A.M. I went walking with a friend on her farm. We actually went looking for a pair of indigo buntings that reside there. We found them, but we were unable to get very close.

I really need to listen to different bird songs. Where do you suppose I find such a thing? I Just cannot seem to identify many birds from their songs. And actually locating the bird that is singing is very difficult for me. (Frustrating!)

I made a couple of plant purchases before heading home. A Rosy Lights Azalea will have a new
home in the background of a special garden of raised beds (This garden was already here when we moved in 4 1/2 years ago, tho' it was "grownover" with mint!). I will plant the azalea tomorrow. The forecast is rain by Wednesday. Perfect timing.

Before I could plant my azalea, I had to rid this particular bed of its vinca minor. I shared an overflowing 5 gallon bucket of it with one of my neighbors. (There's still plenty on the downslope. I'll never get completely rid of it, because it does serve a valuable function... and it's beautiful when it flowers each spring!)

I hope to have a little picket fence around this garden area before the summer is over. Other beds in this garden contain purple coneflower, phlox, and several varieties of daylilies.

Okay, so later I enjoyed seeing our local resident pair of Baltimore Orioles drinking from my hummingbird feeder. Talk about beautiful birds!

I also potted a three hanging planters with impatiens for the shady spots (of which I have many). Guess that's enough.

So... is it really greener (or prettier) over there at my neighbor's?

Shady Gardener

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