Monday, June 4, 2007

Just a Quick Note

Just a few views of tonight's short-lived downpour. We received .3" last night and another .1" just now. The pan in the second photo hasn't been emptied for two days... nearly full again. The third picture was taken from the bedroom window, looking towards the raised beds (and my compost pile). Note the running "river."

It was a beautiful day, all day, and I was able to mow the lawn(!). It really needed it! I raked the front yard and emptied three, full, five-gallon buckets of grass clippings in the compost pile. If you look closely, you can see the grass in the compost pile! Now the grass can grow again! The forecast for the week is... more rain.

I can't really complain. It doesn't help, anyway. But, the good thing is... I haven't watered a single hanging pot for many days! Everything looks Really Good. And flowers are beginning to bloom like crazy!

A thought . . . I wonder if Oregon and Washington states are receiving their normal rainfall. Or, have we gotten theirs, somehow?

(And it's begun to rain again...)

Your Soggy Shady Gardener

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